Birch Wood Favor Baskets

Hello and welcome. Today we are excited to share this easy DIY Birch wood box that can be used for party favors for your next bridal or baby shower. These Birch Wood boxes measure 3″x 3″ inches and are lined with vellum, making them perfect for storing treats.

Supplies: 12″ x 12″ Birch Wood Sheet, 12″ x 12″ printed vellum, hot glue, ruler, bone folder, pink baker’s twine.

Step 1
Line the backside of a sheet of Birch Wood Paper with a sheet of printed vellum. Cut four 6″ squares from vellum lined wood sheet.

Step 2
Using a ruler measure 1.5″ from each side of the square and score with a bone folder.

Step 3
Fold in each side making sure the folded creases are nice. Lightly sand if needed.

Step 4
Using scissors, snip all four corners of the square. See photo above.

Step 5
Fold box and glue sides down with hot glue. Alternate snipped corners.

Step 6
Tie baker’s twine around box twice. Fill with your favorite treat.

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