Patriotic Wood Banner

Red,White & Wood! Get crafty and make a patriotic summer decoration with Wood just in time for 4th of July. This banner can be used for birthdays, school events, graduation, Presidents Day and all kinds of celebrations from Fourth of July to Memorial Day. Happy Fourth of July and God bless the U.S.A!

Supplies for the Red, White and Wood Banner: Birch Wood Paper, burlap fabric, red stamp ink, blue stamp ink, star punch, stripe stamp, scissors, canvas twine, baby wipes, mini clothes pins, hot glue and glue gun.

Instructions for the Red, White and Wood  Banner:

1. Cut 12 banner triangles from  Birch wood—roughly 4″ high by 2.5″ wide.

2. Take 4 Birch Wood Banner triangles and punch a star out of the center of each. Set 3 punched Birch Wood stars aside.

3. Stamp stripes in red ink onto 8 Birch Wood Banner triangles.

4. Cut 3 burlap fabric rectangles to 2.5″ x 4″.

5. Cut Birch Wood into 15 pieces sized 3″ x .5″ .

6. Take a baby wipe and dip into blue stamp ink. Wipe blue ink onto the Birch Wood (15 pieces from step 5, and 3 punched stars from step 2).

7. Apply the blue Birch Wood pieces to the top of each triangle banner piece with hot glue.

8. Adhere the Birch Wood blue stars to each fabric burlap piece with hot glue.

9. Put the banner pieces in order. See photo for suggested order placement. Attach canvas twine with hot glue to the back of each banner piece. Tip: stack banner pieces in order so it’s easy to glue one piece right after another.

10. Attach a mini clothes pin to each end of the banner and hang.

Real Cherry Wood Home banner

Want the look of wood without the weight of wood? Wood paper is thin, lightweight and mounts perfectly to other lightweight surfaces. We created this Home banner using Cherry Wood paper and adhered it to a piece of recycled cardboard. Attach the banner to a wreath and you’ll have a welcoming home decor piece.

Supplies for the ‘Home Banner’: Cherry Adhesive Wood Sheet, Home decor vinyl, scrap cardboard, pencil, hobby blade and ruler.

Instruction for the ‘Home Banner’:

1. Cut a piece of scrap cardboard to 8.5″ x 11″.

2. Remove the adhesive liner and mount the sheet of Cherry Wood onto the piece of cardboard.

3. Transfer the vinyl home decor piece directly to the Cherry Wood.

4. With a pencil and ruler lightly draw a banner shape around the Cherry wood and Home sentiment. See project photo for suggested placement.

5. With a hobby blade and ruler cut out the banner shape. Tip: thick cardboard can be tricky to cut. Be sure to start with a sharp hobby blade. Cut lightly and slowly with the hobby blade using the ruler as your guide. Repeat the cut deeper and deeper with each pass until you have a clean cut through the cardboard.

Rustic Real Wood Box for Dad

Dress up your Father’s day gift packaging with a little Wood. We wrapped a box and created a simple tag using Rustic Cherry and Cherry Wood tape. Pair with a handcrafted card, like the one we posted last week and you are all set. Happy Father’s Day!

Supplies for Rustic Wood Box: 1 Roll of Rustic Cherry Wood, Cherry Wood tape, gift box, brown ribbon, brown patterned paper, scrabble letter tiles, sanding block, scissors and glue dots.

Instructions for wrapping Rustic Wood Box:

1. Measure your box lid and base.

2. Wrap lid: Add 1″ to the length measurement and wrap the box lid. Note: start on the inside lip and adhere. Remove liner as you go and pressing Rustic roll along top until you reach the other side, tucking and adhering the other edge into the box top. Measure the two remaining openings on the box sides and cut pieces for Rustic Wood to fit.

3. Following the directions in step 2, wrap the box bottom. Again, measure the two remaining openings on the box sides and cut pieces for Rustic Wood to fit.

4. Put lid onto box bottom for fit. Lightly sand any corners or edges as needed with a sanding block.

Fill with a goodie for father and then dress up your box with ribbon and a tag!

Real Cherry Wood Father’s Day Cards

Impress Dad with your woodworking skills by handcrafting a Real Wood card for Father’s Day. These cards feature Cherry Wood and are loving made for Father.

Supplies for both Father’s Day cards: Cherry Wood 12″x12″ paper, Cherry Wood Tape, brown patterned paper, Father’s Day stamp, brown ink, cork star embellishments, adhesive, foam adhesive, HAPPY cut file, e-cutter and scissors.

Instructions for Square Happy Father’s Day card:

1. Create a card base with brown patterned paper. Cut base to 5.5″x 11″ and fold in half.

2. Cut HAPPY using a HAPPY cut file and an e-cutter onto a sheet of Cherry Wood.

3. Trim the HAPPY sheet of Cherry Wood to 5″x5″. Weed out the HAPPY phrase and save the wood HAPPY letters for the next card.

4. Stamp Father’s Day in brown ink below the HAPPY phrase onto the 5″x5″ sheet of Cherry Wood. See picture for placement.

5. Adhere 3 cork star embellishments below the FATHER’S DAY stamped image.

6. Mount the 5″x5″ HAPPY FATHER’s DAY Cherry Wood piece to the brown patterned paper card front using foam adhesive.

Instructions for Tape Happy Father’s Day card:

1. Create a card base with brown patterned paper. Cut base to 5.5″x 8.5″ and fold in half.

2. Arrange the Cherry Wood HAPPY letters that were set aside from the previous card onto the front of the brown patterned card base. Adhere in place.

3. Cut a 4″ piece of Cherry wood tape.

4. Stamp Father’s Day in brown ink onto the piece of Cherry wood tape.

5. Flag each end of the tape, remove adhesive liner and adhere to card front under the HAPPY. See picture for placement.

6. Adhere 2 cork star embellishments to both sides the FATHER’S DAY Real Cherry Wood flag.

Real Wood Tape functional & decorative

It’s nearing the end of the school year and we want to appreciate our kids teachers with a small gift. These mini lunch sacks hold a small treat or gift card. We decorated our lunch sack with Cherry Wood Tape which also works to seal the sack closed. Functional and decorative! We also dressed up these cute sacks with a little Birch Wood Paper tag, mini close pin and topped it off with a Wood Cherry ARC label to personalize.

Thanks to all of you teachers out there and have a wonderful summer!

Supplies for Lunch Sack packaging: Cherry Wood Tape, Birch Wood Paper, Wood Cherry ARC label, mini lunch sacks, tag punch, Baker’s twine, mini close pins, treat or gift card and a light brown marker.

Instructions for Lunch Sack packages:

1. Fill your mini lunch sacks with a gift card or small treat. Fold over top of filled lunch sack.

2. Tear or cut a 2″ piece of  Cherry Wood Tape. Use Cherry Wood Tape  to seal the lunch sack closed.

3. Punch out a Birch Wood Paper tag using a tag punch.

4. Ties a bow with baker’s twine to tag.

5. Attach Birch Wood Paper tag to lunch sack with a mini close pin.

6. Add a Wood Cherry ARC label to the front on the Birch Wood Paper tag.

7. Personalize with Teacher’s name.