Happy New Year!

Let’s celebrate! It was a fabulous 2015, and we are so excited for 2016. Great things are coming for ETC Papers in the New Year, and we hope wonderful things are in store for you too.

We created a lighted garland from Birch Wood to make festive celebration decor! You can make just about anything with Wood paper. Happy New Year!

Supplies for Birch Wood paper garland:  Birch wood paper, stringed light lantern cut file, Silhouette e-cutter, hot glue and a string of lights.

Instructions for Birch Wood paper garland:

1. Cut out the garland using this cut file and a Silhouette e-cutter from a sheet of Birch Wood paper. Cut as many garland lanterns as you’d like. We cut 12 for our garland.

2. Assemble each garland piece and adhere together with hot glue. Before assembly, you may need to make the  Birch Wood paper  grain a little more pliable. We used a bone folder to help create a curve in the paper prior to assembly.

3. Inserts lights from a string of lights into each assembled lantern to create a garland. We skipped every other light when spacing our lanterns out.

4. Display.


Happiest of Holidays!

We want to wish you the Happiest of Holidays! It’s been a glorious year and we have much to be happy about. Check out our fun Holiday card using Cherry Wood. We handmade all of our cards this year and each card includes a Cherry Wood tree ornament. Cards that have multiple uses are so fun. You can remove the ornament from this card and use it immediately, or dress it up with some festive embellishments and hang on your tree. We even made a few ornaments 3D by combining two trees on their axis.

Merry Christmas from your friends at ETC Papers!

Supplies for Wood Tree ornament: Cherry Wood paper,  Birch Wood paper, tree shape, electronic cutter, hole punch and baker’s twine.

1. Back a sheet of Cherry Wood paper with a sheet of Birch Wood paper. We wanted our ornament to have a different wood finish on each side.

2. Cut the tree shape into the sheet of Wood using an electronic cutter. Because the wood is doubled up you may need to test various cut settings. We used the deepest cut (9) on the slowest speed (1), using a Silhouette Cameo.

3. Punch a hole at the top of the tree.

4. Thread baker’s twine or string through the hole at the top of the tree.

5. Hang tree ornament as is or embellish further. See examples.

We love this 3D version of the tree ornament and are now inspired to create a mini forest to add to our holiday decor.

12 tags with Wood Paper

We love tiny gifts and tiny tags! These twelve little gifts include a little crafty goodness for a loved one. We designed the tag in a design program, printed and then added a Wood number for the day it should be opened on. We wrapped all 12 gifts and then put all of the gifts inside a small box and sealed with Cherry Wood tape. Happy crafting and happy gifting!

Supplies for 12 tiny tags: Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper, vanilla card stock, tag design, number cut file, e-cutter (or Big Shot and numbers die), tag punch, hole punch, scissors, hemp twine, crochet ribbon, berry embellishments, hot glue and glue gun.

Instructions for 12 tiny tags:

1. Design a tag or download and print this tag pdf.  12 tags

2. Punch or cut out 12 vanilla printed tags. Punch a hole at the top of each tag using a hole punch.

3. Cut out 12 numbers in Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper using an e-cutter or Big Shot and numbers die.

4. Adhere each Cherry Wood number to the center of each tag.

5. Cut 12 pieces of hemp twine to 10 inches each.

6. Tie hemp twine to each tag using a slip knot.

7. Glue holly berry embellishments to the top of each tag.

8. Adhere tags to your crafty gifts.

Wood paper snowflake garland

It’s time to trim our trees! We created a simple wood snowflake garland to help decorate our tree. We love how Birch Wood paper pairs perfectly with a real fir tree. So natural.

Supplies for Wood Snowflake Garland: Birch Wood paper, Snowflake die, Big Shot, silver cord and hot glue gun.

Instructions to create a Wood Snowflake Garland:

1. Determine desired length of garland. Our garland is 10 feet long. Cut a piece of silver cording to your garland length (10 feet).

2. Using a snowflake die and a Big Shot cut out the desired number of Birch Wood paper snowflakes. Our snowflakes are approximately 3″ x 3″ and we cut out 9 snowflakes.

3. Glue the silver cording to the backside of each die cut snowflake using hot glue.  Tip: Fold silver cording in half to easily determine a middle point. Glue your first snowflake at the middle point. Evenly space and glue additional snowflakes to the left and right of the center snowflake.

4. Hang on tree or display.