NEW! Real Wood Envelopes

We are so excited to introduce an awesome new product in our Wood line. Wood envelopes! These envelopes are available in Cherry Wood and Birch WoodWood envelopes come in 5 sizes: 4Bar, A2, A6, A7, and 5×5. Wood envelopes can be purchased in bulk, packs of 5 envelopes and packs of 5 envelopes and flat notecards. The best part is that these envelopes can be mailed through the USPS at regular postage rates (except for the 5×5 square)!

Wood envelopes are impressive from first glance! We introduced these envelopes at the National Stationery Show and received rave reviews. Everyone was amazed at the quality and how clean the folded Real Wood paper converted into an envelope.

You can see these Wood envelopes in person at the SPC Mixed Media Show at the Salt Palace this week (July 28th- July 30th) in Salt Lake City. Stop by our booth (#97) and say hi! Or contact us today to request product pricing.

You can create matching cards with our Wood paper like we’ve shown here with the Birch Thank you card. Simply print your messaging onto a sheet of Wood paper and cut to the preferred envelope size. This Thank You card fits in the 5×5 Birch envelope.

We’ve also added an Envelope & Flat Notecard pack in the same 5 sizes. If you choose our notecard option, the flat notecard included with the envelopes are made from 100# cover cardstock in either kraft or vanilla. Kraft is included with all Cherry Wood envelopes and vanilla is included with the Birch Wood envelopes. The card stock matches the envelope lining. We dressed up this kraft 4Bar notecard, included in the Cherry envelope and notecard pack, with matching Cherry wood tape and paper embellishments.


Create Custom Real Wood Embellishments

Love to use wood embellishments on your crafty projects? Create your own custom Wood embellishments in any shape, size or color. We created this Wood smile embellishment for a card and tag using the Smile die from Simon Says Stamp. Our Wood sheets cut so cleanly using wafer dies. Want to add a little color to Wood? You can stain, paint, tint or mist Wood with a variety of inks and paints.

Supplies for Wood Smile card and tag: Birch Wood adhesive backed paper, purple cardstock, purple stamp ink, ink dauber, Smile die, medium dot line die, tag die, manual die cut machine, canvas twine, foam adhesive and scissors.

Instructions for creating the Wood Smile Card:

1. Cut purple cardstock to 8.5″ x 5.5″. Score and fold in half for card base.

2. Cut a piece of Birch wood adhesive backed paper to 4″ x 5.25″. Remove adhesive liner and center mount the Birch Wood to card front.

3. Cut a piece of Birch wood adhesive backed paper to 4″ x 1″. Run through a manual die cut system with a medium dot line die.

4. Mount medium dot line Wood piece to a piece of  4″ x .75″ purple cardstock. Mount assembled dot embellishment to card front using foam adhesive. See sample for placement.

5. Apply purple ink color to a piece of 3″ x 4″ Birch Wood using an ink dauber and purple stamp ink.

6. Cut out a large heart (roughly 2″x3″) from purple stained Birch Wood. Center the Smile die in the middle of the purple heart and run through a manual die cut system. Set heart aside for tag project.

7. Adhere purple Smile embellishment to card front. See sample for placement.

Instructions for creating the Birch Wood Smile Tag:

1. Mount a 3″ x 4″ piece of Birch Wood to a 3″ x 4″ piece of purple cardstock.

2. Apply purple stained heart from previous project onto the 3″ x 4″ piece of purple backed Birch Wood.

3. Die cut a tag shape from the 3″ x 4″ piece of purple backed Birch Wood.

4. Cut Birch Wood with the Smile die through a manual die cut system.

5. Center Birch Wood Smile embellishment piece in center circle of purple stained Birch Wood heart and adhere. Note: This gives the look of inlay wood which we think is a really cool look.

6. Tie canvas twine through tag hole.

Berry Basket with Real Wood label

Summer parties and BBQs sometimes call for a simple hostess gift. Pull this cute gift idea together quickly with fruits from your garden or local farmer’s market, a berry basket and incorporate Cherry Wood into the label gift tag.

Supplies for the Cherry Wood raspberry fruit label and basket: Cherry Wood Paper, berry basket, berries, chipboard, berry label or create your own, washi tape, label die, manual die-cut machine, foam adhesive, scissors, ruler and hobby blade.

Instructions for creating Cherry Wood raspberry fruit label:

1. Measure fruit basket. Cut chipboard label base to the dimension of one basket side. In our case the dimension is 4″ x 6″.

2. Using a ruler and hobby blade taper the bottom edges of the chipboard so it will easily slide into the basket.  Round chipboard corners with scissors.

3. Die-cut a label shape from Cherry Wood paper or use a larger label from our Wood Cherry labels.

4. Wrap washi tape around the center of the Cherry Wood paper label.

5. Center and mount  Cherry Wood paper label to chipboard using foam adhesive.

6. Cut out existing tag from fruit packaging or create your own from pattern paper or clip art.

7. Center and mount fruit label to Cherry Wood paper using foam adhesive.

7. Insert fruit label into fruit basket

8. Fill basket with fruit.

Real Wood Bookmarks

MARK the Spot.

Do you need a new bookmark to aide in your summer reading? We created these 2″x6″ Wood bookmarks with an inspirational quote and a summer design. Wood is flat and thin enough to slip inside a book without any bulging and is much sturdier than paper. Printing custom text and designs on Wood is so easy. Wood runs through most printers just like paper. Download our Butterfly Bookmark design or design your own and see how impressive printing on Wood can be.

Supplies for Wood Bookmark: Birch or Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper, inkjet printer, Butterfly Bookmark, hobby blade and ruler.

Instructions for Wood Bookmark:

1. Download Butterfly Bookmark.

2. Print bookmark design onto a 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of Wood paper.

3. Cut out the front and back of the Wood bookmark with a hobby blade and a ruler.

4. Remove adhesive lining from the back of the Wood Bookmarks. Adhere the front and back together. Trim edges as needed.

Butterfly Bookmark