Thanks Card

It’s always great to have a handful of thank-you cards on hand, just in case you need to send a quick note of appreciation to a friend or family member. Today’s post is this 4″ x 6″ flower card that is sweet as well as quick and easy to make.

Supplies: Birch Real Wood PaperCherry Real Wood Paper, white doily, three pattern background papers, dimensionals, ¼” mini glue dots, small flower punch, damask textured folder, flower dies, mini alphabet dies, and Sizzix machine.

  1. Cut Birch Real Wood paper to 8-1/2″ x 4-1/4″. Score at 5-1/2″ and fold in half. Fold will be top of card.
  2. Die cut ‘thanks’ out of Cherry Real Wood paper with mini alphabet die and Sizzix machine. Peel backing and adhere to top right corner of the card front.
  3. Using flower die and three different pattern papers die cut with Sizzix machine.
  4. Stack three flower pattern papers and adhere each layer with dimensionals.
  5. Punch Cherry Real Wood paper with small flower punch and adhere with ¼” mini glue dot to top the layer of stacked flowers. Set aside.
  6. Using damask textured folder, take a 2″ x 4-1/4″ piece of Cherry Real Wood paper and use Sizzix machine to create texture.
  7. Adhere to front of card aligning with the bottom.
  8. Take white doily and fold in half along left edge of card. Adhere.
  9. Take flower stack and adhere to card front, slightly overlapping doily and textured Cherry Real Wood piece.

More Great Pazzles

Pazzles_Logo_RGBhas shared a few more fun samples with us, using our Wood Sheets.

You can find more die information and details about these cute samples here: ‘Bookworm’ scrapbook layout, Camp Out Cutting Collection, and Tools, enjoy!


6×6 Smile Camera Card

Today you are in for a real treat! First, we would like to share some fun guest samples, using our Wood Sheets, created by:

Pazzles_Logo_RGBTheir cute ‘On the Move Cutting Collection’ tags can be found here. And their sweet ‘Our Home Mini Album’ here. Enjoy!

With today’s 6×6 ‘Smile’ card, you’ll have a chance to flex your creativity muscles! You are going to create your own camera and cloud patterns–freehand. Don’t worry, we will walk you through every step to your success. And remember, your lines don’t have to be exactly like ours, your personal touch will only add to the charm of this card. Are you ready, of course you are! Let’s get started…


White Birch Wood,

Cherry Wood

Cherry Tape

Chipboard, Pattern Paper, 1-3/4 inch circle punch, 2-1/2 inch circle punch, ¼-inch corner rounder punch, 1/2-inch corner rounder punch, Mini Alphabet Stamp, Decorative Edge Border Punch, Black Card Stock (12×12), Dimensionals, Paper Trimmer, Scissors, Optional: Cloud electronic cutting artwork file



1. Trim black card stock to 12×6-inches. Score at 6-inches and fold in half creating a 6×6 card base. Card orientation will have the fold as the top of the card.

2. Trim patterned paper to 6×4-1/4 inches.

3. Cut a 1-1/2×6-inch piece of Cherry Wood. Use decorative edge punch on one 6-inch side.

4. Adhere Cherry Wood piece to black card stock base, approximately ½-inch from the bottom edge of the card.

5. Adhere pattern paper on top of the strip of Cherry wood with the decorative punched edge, approximately 1-inch from bottom of card.

6. To create camera piece begin by taking a sheet of White Birch Wood and trimming out a 4-1/2×2-3/4 inch piece to create camera base. Round all four corners using your ½-inch punch. If you don’t have a ½-inch punch feel free to substitute for another size that you do have. Remember, this is your card!

7. Next, cut a 5-inch piece of Cherry Tape. Trim the right edge to a slight angle.

8. Peel off tape backing and wrap around top left corner of 4-1/2×2-3/4 inch piece of White Birch Wood. Placing it approximately ¼-inch from the top and 1-3/4 inch in from the left. Set aside camera base.

9. Punch a piece of Cherry Wood and chipboard with 2-1/2 inch circle punch.

10. Punch a piece of White Birch Wood with 1-3/4 inch circle punch.

11.Optional step: You can trim off 1/16” of the 2-1/2 inch Cherry Wood circle to give one more layer of dimension.

12. Next using dimensionals adhere Cherry Wood circle to the 2-1/2 inch chipboard circle.

13. Using dimensionals adhere White Birch Wood circle to top of Cherry Wood circle.

14.Adhere chipboard and Barc Wood layered circles White Birch camera base piece, center between top and bottom and place approximately 1/4-inch from the right edge.

15. To create the camera flash, cut out a 1-3/8×1-1/8 inch square of Cherry Wood.


6. Using a corner rounder punch, round the two corners on the long edge.

17. On the back (Snow White backing side) of the Cherry Wood piece, place a mark along the bottom at 1/8 inch and 1-1/4 inch.

18. Next draw a line from these two marks up to the edge of the rounded corner to create taper.

19. Next, cut out 1×1/2-inch piece of White Birch and round all four corners using corner rounder punch. Adhere to Cherry Barc flash piece using dimensionals, centering it from left to right and approximately 1/8-inch from the top.

20. Turn the camera base over (Snow White backing side up). Adhere flash piece to the back of the top right corner of camera base, just above the top of the Cherry Barc Tape and approximately 1-inch from right edge.

21. Creating the clouds by taking a piece of Cherry Wood, snow white side up and freehand sketch out three clouds, 1 large (approximately 2-1/4×2-inches), 1 medium (approximately 1×1-inches), 1 small (approximately 1/2×3/4-inches). The sketch can be super rough because you will be using your scissors to smooth out the lines. Cut out each cloud.

22. Take the large cloud and using mini alphabet stamps, stamp the letters ‘s’ ‘m’ ‘i’ ‘l’ ‘e’ ‘:’ ‘ ) ‘

23. Put it all together by adhering the camera to the top of the pattern paper, approximately ¼ inch from the left card edge and slightly overlapping the edge of the Cherry Wood boarder. You can also add a pop by adhering the camera with dimensionals. Place the clouds around the right edge of the card, framing in the camera. Adhere with dimensionals.

4×4 Baby Shower Cards

Dress up your next baby shower gift with one or both of these sweet, 4×4 baby boy or girl cards.

4×4 Baby Boy Card Supply List:

Cherry Wood Tape
White Birch Wood Tape
Fiscars Sweet Pea Clear Stamp
Clear Blocks
Chocolate Chip Ink Pad
Yellow Bakers Twine
Blue Card Stock
1/16-inch hand punch

4×4 Baby Girl Card Supply List:

Cherry Wood Sheet
Pink Card Stock
Fiscars Sweet Pea Clear Stamp
Clear Blocks
Chocolate Chip Ink Pad
1/16-inch hand punch
Yellow Bakers Twine



4×4 Baby Boy Card Instructions:

1. Place stamp on edge of stamp pad applying ink to only the flag part of the image.

2. Trim approximately 3-inches of Cherry Wood Tape and stamp image in center of piece.

3. Trim flag image out of Cherry Wood Tape leaving a very small border.

4. Trace Cherry Wood flag image on piece of patterned paper and trim out. Repeat steps 1-3 with a piece of White Birch Wood Tape.

5. Trim pattern paper and White Birch Wood Tape in half.

6. Using 1/16-inch hand punch place a hole in the tip of the Cherry Wood flag image.

7. Using Yellow bakers twine, thread through hole in point of flag, tie a small knot in end to keep it from slipping through.

8. Trim a piece of card stock to 4×8-inches. Score at 4-inches and fold card in half.

9. Stamp plane and flag image approximately 1-1/2-inches from the top of the card, centering the image horizontally.

10. Using an awl or other paper piercing tool, place a hole in the card where the string attaches to the plane in the image.

11. Thread the piece of yellow bakers twine that is connected to the flag image through the hole in the card.

12. Before tying a knot on the back of the card, be sure to leave a little slack in the twine so that it follows the curve of the artwork.

13. On the inside of the card, tie a small knot in the twine to secure it.

14. Peel Backing from Cherry Wood Tape flag and attached pattern paper and White Birch Tape pennants to back, slightly offsetting them to create layered look.

15. Attach layered Cherry Wood Tape flag to card front directly over the top of stamped image.

16. Stamp “baby boy” image approximately 1-inch from the bottom right edge of the card.


4×4 Baby Girl Card Instructions:

4×4 Baby Girl Card Instructions:

1. Using Chocolate ink, stamp three images on Cherry Wood Sheet.

2. Trim all three images out, leaving a slight border around each.

3. Take Pink Card Stock and cut to 4×8-inches. Score at 4-inches and fold card in half.

4. Using an awl or other paper piercing tool, place two holes in card front. Each hole approximately 1/4-inch in from right and left edge of card and approximately 1/2-inch from folded top of card.

5. Thread yellow twine through left side card hole from the back of the card. Finish threading twine across front of card into right side hole.

6. Tie both ends around card edge and into a small knot. Leave a bit of slack in the thread to create a slight draping look.

7. Using dimensionals, attach Cherry wood stamped pieces along the bakers twine, creating a clothes line look.

8. Stamp “baby girl” in bottom right corner approximately 1/2-inch from bottom right edges.