Easter giving and crafting with Real Wood

Share Easter wishes and decorate eggs without the mess. This Spring craft was so simple to decorate with Wood and will make a memorable Easter gift for the recipient. Happy Easter!

Supplies for Wood Rustic wrapped Easter gift: 6×12 Rustic Birch adhesive wood sheet, Birch Labels, ceramic egg container, 1/2 dozen hard-boiled eggs, crochet lace and a basic egg dye kit. 

1. Fill a ceramic egg container with a 1/2 dozen hard-boiled eggs.

2. Cut the 6″x 12″ Rustic Birch adhesive backed wood sheet to 2.5″ x 12″. Remove the adhesive liner from the Rustic Birch sheet and create a belly band by wrapping the egg-filled container – see picture for placement.  Note: the adhesive side of the Rustic Birch sheet will lightly stick to the eggs and keep them in place inside the egg container until the gift is delivered.

3. Cut a strip of crochet lace to 20″ and tie around the Rustic Birch belly band.

4. Remove the dye pack and the egg dip tool from your egg dye kit.

5. Wrap a Birch wood label around the dye pack and egg dip tool. The Birch wood label serves as decoration and is functional in sticking the tool and dye together.

6. Tie the small end of the egg dip tool to the crochet lace with a knot.

7. Add an Easter message or deliver the gift as is. Happy Easter.



Real Wood and Zig® woodcraft markers

We created these simple Easter egg notecards using Cherry wood paper and Zig Woodcraft markers.

Zig Woodcraft markers work great on all of our wood finishes. You can use these woodcraft markers to decorate or write directly onto our wood paper. These high opacity markers allow for many coats of paint with little bleed-through.

Supplies for Wood Easter Egg notecards: Cherry wood paper, 3″x5″ white notecards, scissors, Zig Woodcraft markers and foam adhesive.

Instructions for  Easter Egg notecards:

1. Doodle designs onto Cherry wood paper with Zig Woodcraft markers. We suggest you test a few signs before you start this project. We drew stripes and hexagons. Tip: these markers are fairly precise but it you don’t get the coverage you want it’s easy to lay down another coat of ink to get the opacity you like.

2. Using scissors cut out egg shapes from Cherry wood paper.

3. Draw designs onto the egg shaped Cherry wood.

4. Mount  Cherry wood egg shape to the front of a 3″x5″ white notecard using foam adhesive.


Real Wood covered journals

Wood sheets can cover just about anything. Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. We wanted to add a little personality to these plain journals so we covered them with Wood. These journals look great in Cherry, Birch and Rustic Birch finishes and will make memorable gifts.

Supplies for Wood covered journals: Cherry wood adhesive paper, Birch wood adhesive paper, Rustic Birch wood adhesive paper, plain kraft covered journals (4), scissors, metal edge ruler, cutting mat, paper sanding block and a hobby blade.

Instructions for wood covered journal:

1. Measure your journal. Our larger journal folded is 8.5″ x 5.5″.  The flat size is 8.5 x 11.

2. Trim a sheet of wood to .5″ larger than the flat size of your journal (9″ x 11.5″).

3. Remove adhesive liner from back of the Wood sheet.

4. Adhere the wood sheet to the journal. Start at the front of the book and press the wood paper down as you adhere around the spine and onto the back of the book.

5. Using a metal edge ruler and a hobby blade trim the wood paper to the journal shape.

6. Lightly sand the cut edges and smooth out.

7. Repeat process on additional journals with a variety of Wood finishes.

8. Leave journals plain or embellish.

St. Patrick Shamrock Decor with wood tape

Need a simple project for St. Patrick’s day? We saw this cute shamrock wreath on Pinterest and immediately thought how great this project would look made from Wood tape. You can find the original inspiration and simple instructions at The Craft Patch: Paper Shamrock Wreath.

Supplies for the wood tape shamrock: Cherry wood tape, green patterned papers, label punch, green button scissors, hot glue and glue gun. 

Instructions for the wood tape shamrock:

Note: our decor piece is much smaller than the inspiration.

1. Review the The Craft Patch: Paper Shamrock Wreath tutorial here.

2. Cut 7- 8″ x 1″ strips of Cherry Wood Tape,  7- 6″ x 1″ strips of Cherry Wood Tape and 4″ x 1″ strips of Cherry Wood Tape.

3. Line the back side of each strip of Cherry Wood Tape with green patterned paper.

4. Follow the assembly instructions from the The Craft Patch: Paper Shamrock Wreath tutorial here.

We are using our shamrock decor as a table centerpiece. You could create a wreath, a banner, garland or fun hanging ornaments.

Want more St, Patrick’s project inspiration? Here are a few quick links to previous posts using Wood for St. Patrick’s holiday crafting.

Lucky, Lucky Banner

Lovely Rainbow Card

Lucky Card & Tag


Lucky Day card and tag with Real Birch wood

We love to use wood in our paper crafting and in our gift giving. This week we’ve combined both with these projects perfect for St. Patrick’s day. Both Lucky Day projects feature Birch wood paper.

Supplies for the ‘Lucky Day’ card and ‘Lucky’ tag: Birch wood adhesive paper, Lucky Day download, electronic cutting machine, green card stock, gold paper, green metallic brads, Versamark, gold embossing powder, heat tool, mini glue dots and gold chocolate coins.

Instructions for the ‘Lucky Day’ card:

1. Cut a piece of green card stock to 5.5″ x 8.5″. Score and fold in half.

2. Typeset Lucky Day in your favorite font or use the Lucky Day download and an electronic cutting machine cut out the card front onto a sheet of Birch wood paper.

3. Adhere the Birch Wood Lucky Day image onto the front of the green card. Be sure to remove the LUCKY phrase, DAY phrase and four shamrocks from the card front so the green card stock shows through. Note: set aside the LUCKY phrase for the gift tag.

4. Using the Lucky Day download and an electronic cutting machine cut out four small shamrocks from gold paper.

5. Adhere each gold shamrock into the center of each green shamrock on the card front with a green metallic brad. See photo for placement.

6. Lightly rub Versamark ink around the outer edge of the card. Sprinkle gold embossing powder onto the Vesamark and heat set.

7. Adhere a gold foil covered chocolate coin to the card with mini glue dots.

Instructions for the ‘Lucky’ tag;

1. Cut a piece of green card stock to 2″ x 6″. Freehand trim a tag top shape.

2. Lightly rub Versamark ink around the outer edge of the tag. Randomly stamp Versamark onto the tag front. Sprinkle gold embossing powder onto the Versamark and heat set.

3. Adhere the Birch wood Lucky word you set aside from the previous project.

4. Tie tag onto a bag of foil covered chocolate coins.