Votive Candles Wrapped in Real Wood

A lit candle can symbolize so much to so many. When we were gathering inspiration for this project we stumbled across this website, Candles by design, that offers some wonderful information about the symbolism surrounding candles.

Lighting a candle is a symbol …
Of love and hope
Of light and warmth
Of celebration and commemoration …”

We created this arrangement of votive candles using Real Cherry and Real Birch wood papers and tapes. We are using these candles to create a table centerpiece as a visual reminder of love and hope. ‘Tis the season to share the light. Happy Holidays.

Create your own Real Wood wrapped votive candles:

Real Cherry & Real Birch Wood Paper and Real Wood Tape
glass votive holders
candles or battery operated votive candles.

1. Die cut various borders and designs approximately 2″ x 6″ onto a sheet of Real Wood Paper. Use an electronic cutter, shape scissors or punches.
2. Wrap designs around glass votive candles.
3. Mix it up with Birch or Cherry Wood finishes. You can also wrap votive candles with our Real Wood tape.

Real Wood Ornaments for Christmas!

We are on a crafting kick! This year we decided to trim our tree with a TON of handmade Real Wood ornaments. We have over 20 ideas to share along with tips on how to create this Wood Tape ribbon ornament.

Wood Tape Ribbon Ornament

1. Mount Cherry wood and Birch wood tape front to back.
2. Cut 2 pieces at 6″.
3. Cut 2 pieces at 4″.
4. Cut 1 piece at 3″.
5. Sandwich cut pieces together from largest to smallest and then back to largest. Staple at top.
6. Line up bottoms and staple to create ornament.
7. Add ribbon to cover staple.
8. Add string to hang.

Happy Holiday crafting!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you are having a restful and thankful day full of great food and family. Real Wood paper has helped us to create and make our Thanksgivings memorable, year after year! We hope you enjoy these Real Wood projects of Thanksgivings past. Click here to see the Fall Frame featured above. Check out our Facebook page to see some tips and tricks!

Thankful For sign made from Real Birch and Cherry Wood papers.

Leaf napkin decor made from Real Cherry Wood paper.

Hanging feather decor made from Real Birch and Cherry Wood papers.

Cherry Wood Tape Plant Riser

We love this trendy look of interesting wood shapes paired with unique looking plants. It’s a modern and simplistic look that dresses up the plant and makes a statement. Inspired to create a similar look we set out to make a wood plant riser from our Cherry Wood tape. We love the result and it’s an affordable DIY that anyone can make!

Wood Tape riser

Try it! All you’ll need is a small glass vase and a roll of our Cherry Wood Tape.

1. Measure the diameter of your vase or glass.

2. Cut two pieces of Cherry wood tape to that diameter.

3. Remove adhesive liner from tape and adhere the two pieces of tape back to back.

4. Roll lined taped into circular shape to create base. Adhere at seam.

5. Place plant vase onto new wood riser.

Woo planter trend

Trend and inspiration found from the following resources:

1. Vivaterra

2. Gemsofthesoil

3. Andrewsreclaimed

4. ProjectWedding

5. Home-Talk

6. Lightandladder

7. Dotandbo

8. Fern

Dressing up Daffodils

I love to bring the color of spring indoors. Our local nursery had daffodils that were in bloom and a little past outdoor planting, for a steal. I purchased a few to create a spring centerpiece. The nursery pots are not the most attractive, so I dressed up the plastic pots with a little white tissue paper and Cherry Wood tape. Darling daffodils!

After the blooms retire I plan to plant them outside for blooms next year! Gotta love decor that keeps on giving.

Supplies for Cherry Wood tape Daffodil Skirts: Roll of Cherry Wood tape, white tissue paper, scissors and 4″ daffodil potted plants.

These are so easy to create. Measurements are for a 4″ pot.

1. Measure the diameter of the top of the pot. The diameter of our 4″ pots is 12″.

2. Cut Cherry wood tape to 12.5″. Note: add a 1/2″ to the diameter for a little overlap.

3. Cut a piece of tissue paper to 6″ x  24″.  Fold in half lengthwise, 3″ x 24″.

4. Remove the adhesive liner from the back of the tape. Slowly adhere the folded end of the tissue paper to the bottom 1/4″ of the tape. Carefully fold and gather as you go.

5. Cut off any excess tissue paper and adhere the tape to the lip of the pot. The 1/2 inch of extra wood tape should allow for a little overlap.

6. Trim the bottom of the tissue paper skirt if needed.

Wood Paper Valentine Projects

Show the loved ones in your life how much you care with a homemade Valentine card or project, 100% made with love! Use wood paper to add warmth and sophistication to your Valentine’s Day project—your special someone will love the homemade gift and thought that went into making it.

We have two different Valentine projects to share with you this week, a super simple yet elegant paper and wood paper Valentine card and a wood tape heart tag / ornament.

Supplies for the Birch Heart Doily Card: Birch Wood paper, rose card stock, Silhouette Cameo, heart cut file, foam tape, decorative corner punch, Tim Holtz rose button embellishment and adhesive.

Instructions for the Birch Heart Doily Card:

  1. Cut rose card stock to 6″ x 6″.
  2. Punch all four corners of the 6″ x 6″ card with a decorative corner punch.
  3. Electronically cut a heart doily from Birch wood paper.
  4. Mount Birch heart doily rose card card using foam tape.
  5. Add Tim Holtz rose button embellishment to center of Birch wood heart doily.

Supplies for Cherry Heart tape ornament: Cherry Wood tape, hot glue and silver string.

Instructions for Cherry Heart tape ornament:

  1. Back a 20″ piece of Cherry wood tape with another 20″ piece of Cherry wood tape.
  2. Cut the tape to 8″, 6″ and 4″.
  3. Fold each cut piece in half.
  4. Roll-fold and glue the two ends together to create a heart shape.
  5. Stack and glue each heart from small to large.
  6. Tie silver string through top heart.


12 tags with Wood Paper

We love tiny gifts and tiny tags! These twelve little gifts include a little crafty goodness for a loved one. We designed the tag in a design program, printed and then added a Wood number for the day it should be opened on. We wrapped all 12 gifts and then put all of the gifts inside a small box and sealed with Cherry Wood tape. Happy crafting and happy gifting!

Supplies for 12 tiny tags: Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper, vanilla card stock, tag design, number cut file, e-cutter (or Big Shot and numbers die), tag punch, hole punch, scissors, hemp twine, crochet ribbon, berry embellishments, hot glue and glue gun.

Instructions for 12 tiny tags:

1. Design a tag or download and print this tag pdf.  12 tags

2. Punch or cut out 12 vanilla printed tags. Punch a hole at the top of each tag using a hole punch.

3. Cut out 12 numbers in Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper using an e-cutter or Big Shot and numbers die.

4. Adhere each Cherry Wood number to the center of each tag.

5. Cut 12 pieces of hemp twine to 10 inches each.

6. Tie hemp twine to each tag using a slip knot.

7. Glue holly berry embellishments to the top of each tag.

8. Adhere tags to your crafty gifts.

Wood Holiday Projects

Are you working on any holiday projects? We’ve been tackling holiday projects for a few weeks now. We are excited to show you a few projects made with  Wood and Darice tools. Darice has great embossing folders and dies for the holidays that are perfect for all types of projects. We love the look of embossed Wood.

Supplies for HO HO HO Decor: Cherry Wood Sheet,  Birch Wood Sheet, Cherry Wood Tape,
Darice® Santa & Reindeer Die, Darice® Assorted Snowflake Dies, Darice® Embossing Folder Snowflake Border, Ho Ho Ho wood cut file, Big Shot®, electronic cutter, scissors, chipboard, corner round punch, rhinestone embellishment and foam tape adhesive.

Instructions for the HO HO HO Decor:

1. Cut a piece of Birch Wood to 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″. Mount to chipboard. Punch all four corners with a corner round punch.

2. Emboss each end of the Birch wood using the Darice® Snowflake Border embossing folder and a Big Shot®. Flip the embossing folder in opposite directions to achieve the ‘frame’ look.

3. Cut out a piece of Cherry wood using the Santa Sleigh die from Darice® and a Big Shot®. Adhere to the front of the Birch wood using foam tape adhesive.

4. Cut a piece of Cherry Wood tape to 7 inches. Flag each end of the tape. Remove adhesive liner and adhere to Birch wood sheet. See photo example for placement.

5. Cut out a piece of Birch wood using the middle snowflake die from Darice® Assorted Snowflake Dies and a Big Shot®. Adhere to the top right of the Birch wood.

6.  Ahdere a rhinestone embellishment in the center of the Birch snowflake.

7. Type set HO HO HO and cut the design in Birch wood using an electronic cutter.  Adhere the HO HO HO to the Cherry wood tape banner.

Supplies for Season’s Greetings card: Cherry Wood Sheet, Birch Wood Sheet,  Birch Wood Tape, Darice® Ornate Circle Dies, Darice® Curved Rectangle Dies, Darice® Assorted Snowflake Dies, Darice® Embossing Folder Snowflakes, light blue card stock, Season’s Greetings Stamp, White craft ink, Big Shot®, scissors and foam tape adhesive.

Instructions for Season’s Greetings card:

1. Cut a piece of light blue card stock to 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″. Fold in half for your card base.

2. Emboss the card front using the Darice® Snowflakes embossing folder and a Big Shot®.

3. Cut out a piece of Cherry wood using the largest die from Darice® Ornate Circle Dies and a Big Shot®. Adhere to the card front.

4. Cut a piece of Birch Wood tape to 5-1/2″. Emboss the wood tape using the Darice® Snowflakes embossing folder and a Big Shot®. Remove adhesive liner and adhere to middle of card. See photo example for placement.

5. Cut out a piece of Birch wood using the middle die from Darice® Assorted Snowflake Dies and a Big Shot®. Adhere to the card front with foam adhesive.

6.  Stamp the ‘Season’s Greetings’ message in white ink onto a piece of Cherry wood. Cut out using the smallest die from Darice® Curved Rectangle Dies and a Big Shot®. Adhere to card front.

Supplies for Three Snowmen card: Birch Wood Sheet, Cherry Wood Tape, Darice® Assorted Snowflake Dies, Darice® Embossing Folder Three Snowmen, Big Shot®, holiday image transfers, scissors, red card stock, rhinestone embellishment, hot glue and glue gun and foam tape adhesive.

Instructions for Three Snowmen card:

1. Cut a piece of red card stock to 5-1/2″ x 4-1/4″.

2. Cut a piece of Birch wood to 5-1/4″ x 4″.

3. Emboss the Birch wood using the Darice® Three Snowmen embossing folder and a Big Shot®.  Note the orientation of the die on the Birch Wood and leave 1″ of empty space at the bottom. See sample photo.

4. Mount the embossed Birch wood sheet to the piece of red card stock.

5. Cut a piece of Cherry Wood tape to 7″. Flag each end of the tape. Roll fold the tape on the left end to achieve a banner look. Tack the roll fold down with hot glue. Remove adhesive liner and adhere tape to the bottom of the Birch wood card. See photo example for placement.

6. Cut out a piece of Birch wood using the middle snowflake die from Darice® Assorted Snowflake Dies and a Big Shot®. Adhere to center of Cherry wood tape.

7. Adhere a rhinestone embellishment in the center of the Birch wood snowflake.

8. Using a rub on transfer, apply a holiday phrase onto the Cherry wood tape.

Wrap it with Real Wood

This week we wanted to spruce up our office. We wrapped a few everyday office items with Cherry Wood adhesive paper and tape. We love the warmth  wood adds to any surface. We added a Cherry wood tape to trim a set of basic office storage.Cherry Wood is a thin, real wood sheet with permanent adhesive backing. You can wrap any smooth surface and change the look of any ordinary item. What will you wrap?

Supplies for Real Wood office organization: Cherry wood tape, cardboard file organizer & pencil cup (Target), ruler and scissors.

Instructions for Real Wood office organization:

1. Measure the perimeter of your storage item. Ours measured 36″.

2. Cut two 36″ strips of Cherry wood tape.

3. Start at the back of the cardboard organizer. Remove adhesive liner from one end of the Cherry wood tape and adhere to the organizer.

4. Continue to slowly adhere the Cherry wood tape around the perimeter of the organizer.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 with the second strip of Cherry wood tape directly above the first piece of Cherry wood tape.

6. Repeat entire process with other organization items.

NEW! Real Wood Envelopes

We are so excited to introduce an awesome new product in our Wood line. Wood envelopes! These envelopes are available in Cherry Wood and Birch WoodWood envelopes come in 5 sizes: 4Bar, A2, A6, A7, and 5×5. Wood envelopes can be purchased in bulk, packs of 5 envelopes and packs of 5 envelopes and flat notecards. The best part is that these envelopes can be mailed through the USPS at regular postage rates (except for the 5×5 square)!

Wood envelopes are impressive from first glance! We introduced these envelopes at the National Stationery Show and received rave reviews. Everyone was amazed at the quality and how clean the folded Real Wood paper converted into an envelope.

You can see these Wood envelopes in person at the SPC Mixed Media Show at the Salt Palace this week (July 28th- July 30th) in Salt Lake City. Stop by our booth (#97) and say hi! Or contact us today to request product pricing.

You can create matching cards with our Wood paper like we’ve shown here with the Birch Thank you card. Simply print your messaging onto a sheet of Wood paper and cut to the preferred envelope size. This Thank You card fits in the 5×5 Birch envelope.

We’ve also added an Envelope & Flat Notecard pack in the same 5 sizes. If you choose our notecard option, the flat notecard included with the envelopes are made from 100# cover cardstock in either kraft or vanilla. Kraft is included with all Cherry Wood envelopes and vanilla is included with the Birch Wood envelopes. The card stock matches the envelope lining. We dressed up this kraft 4Bar notecard, included in the Cherry envelope and notecard pack, with matching Cherry wood tape and paper embellishments.