Boo! Halloween Card

Halloween is just days away and if you need a last minute party invite or card, we have just the thing in this weeks blog post. Our ‘Boo!’ card features Cherry Wood and White Birch Sticky Wood sheets with a splash of orange and black card stock.

Supplies: Cherry WOOD Sheet, White Birch Sticky Wood Sheet, Web and Boo! Artwork Patterns, Electronic Die Cutting MachineOrange Twine, 1/2-inch circle punch, Orange Card Stock, Black Card Stock, Orange Striped Pattern Paper, Foam Dimensionals, and Adhesives.

Boo! Card Instructions:

1. Cut black card stock to 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches. Score at 4-1/4 inches and fold in half.

2. Trim 1/4 x 5-1/2 inch piece of orange striped pattern paper. Adhere along bottom of card approximately 1/4-inch from the edge.

3. Use electronic die cutter and web pattern to cut out White Birch Sticky web. Adhere to front of card, placing it approximately 1/4-inch from the left and top edges. (Note, if you don’t have an electronic cutter, please feel free to print out artwork on wood sheets and trim out using a sharp pair of scissors or an exacto knife.)

4. Wrap a piece of orange twine twice around the card and fasten with a knot (knot placement approximately 1-inch from left edge of card.

4. Use electronic die cutter and ‘boo!’ pattern to cut out Cherry Wood. Using foam dimensionals, adhere letters to front of card.

5. Punch three circles out of orange card stock using 1/2-inch circle punch. Adhere to the center of the ‘b’, ‘o’ and ‘o’ with foam dimensionals.

Halloween Wreath

Halloween seems to be the kick off to holiday decorating (at least at my house) and something handmade makes it all the more fun! Today’s craft wreath features our Cherry Wood Tape, Cherry Sticky Wood Sheets, and Stardream Card Stock.

Supplies: Cherry Sticky Wood (2 sheets), Cherry Wood Tape (2 rolls), Cherry Wood (1 sheet), Stardream Metallic Card Stock (Onyx) (1 sheet), 10 inch Foam Wreath, Black Nylon Netting Fabric (appx. 1 yard), 50 – 1 inch straight pins, Text Weight Old Book Paper, Black Staining Ink Pad, Black Ribbon (optional), Mini Bat Punch, Mini Glue Dots, Halloween Text Stamp, Adhesives, Scissors.

Halloween Wreath Instructions:

1. Begin by wrapping 10-inch foam wreath with Cherry Wood Tape. (Note, a flat-edged 2-inch wreath was used here).

2. Next, cut 24, 2×4-inch Cherry Sticky Wood strips. Cut 8, 2×4-inch strips from an old book. And cut 8, 2×4-inch Onyx-color Stardream Card Stock strips.

3. Using a black ink pad, stain each of the 4-inch long edges of the 24 Cherry Sticky Wood strips.

4. On one short edge of the each of the Cherry Sticky Wood strips, peel appx. 1/4-inch of the backing back and fold over.

5. Pinch both short ends together and adhere using the exposed sticky backing.

6. Adhere short ends of Old Book paper pieces and Stardream card stock as well with mini glue dots or other adhesive.

7. Once all 40 strips have been made into loops, place a 1-inch metal straight pin in the center of each pressed edge, approximately 1/4-inch in from the edge.

8. Push pins into foam wreath, aligning the 2-inch edge of loops to flat side of wreath. Repeat this around the wreath until approximately 3/4 of the wreath has been covered by loops. (Note, the pattern followed on this wreath was to place 3 Cherry Sticky loops, then 1 Stardream loop and next 1 Old Book paper loop).

9. Once 3/4 of the wreath has been covered, take Black Nylon Netting Fabric, cutting it into two 6×36-inch pieces (approximately).

10. Wrap one end of each of the two netting pieces around the wreath and fasten with a knot. Secure knot to wreath with a couple of straight pins. (Note, place each end of the netting approximately 6-inches apart.)

11. For a clean presentation be sure to fasten knots to the front of the wreath, with a netting wrapped neatly around the back.

12. Bring the two pieces of netting together at the top and fasten with a knot, leaving approximately 5-inches on the end to create a bow look.

13. Finish covering the front of the wreath with the paper loops, covering over the top of the netting knots. Once the loops have all been fastened to the front of the wreath you can leave it this way (above: left image) or you can fan out the loops by sliding each around the straight pin in an alternating direction (above: right image).

14. Polish off your project by adhering a few mini bats punches from Stardream card stock. Adhere with mini glue dots. Add one final touch with a Halloween text stamped tag. Create by using a scrap of Cherry  Wood, stamp image with black ink. Trim out with scissors and stain round edges. Add tag to the wreath with Mini glue dots. You can also embellish the tag with a bit of black ribbon folded over and adhered to back of tag (optional).

Halloween Coffin Favor

Are you in need of a spooktacular Halloween favor idea? Than you have come to the right place, these White Birch Sticky and Cherry Sticky ‘Halloween Coffins Favors’ make the perfect addition to any Halloween party.

Supplies: White Birch Sticky Wood Sheet, Cherry Sticky Wood Sheet, Orange Twine, 1/4-inch Orange Ribbon, Coffin Pattern,Pattern Paper, Paper Embellishments, White Card Stock, Bone Folder, 1/8-inch Hand Punch, Foam Dimensionals, Scissors and Adhesives (including tape).


1. Print 2 coffin favor patterns. Attach pattern to back of White Birch Sticky and Cherry Sticky Wood Sheets with a small amount of adhesive. Set aside.

2. Print and trim ‘Happy Halloween’, RIP and pumpkin embellishments on white card stock, trim out all pieces and set aside.

3. On both White Birch Sticky and Cherry Sticky wood sheets, trim out bottom and top of coffin patterns, along solid lines. Using bone folder, score along dashed lines and fold.

4. Fold tabs for bottom of coffin and adhere (it is recommended that each tab be reenforced with a piece of tape). Repeat for top of coffin.

5. Trim strip of pattern paper to 1/2 x 4-inches in length. Wrap around top of White Birch Sticky coffin and adhere ends to inside of top.

6. Next, using 1/8-inch hand punch, punch a hole in the top of the ‘RIP’ paper embellishment and attached to the pattern paper strip with a piece of orange twine, approximately 4 inches in length.

7. Add ‘Happy Halloween’ embellishment to the top of the White Birch Sticky coffin with foam dimensionals. Fill the bottom of the White Birch coffin with candy or other treat and place top. Set aside.

8. Trim a piece of 1/4-inch orange ribbon to approximately 14-inches in length. Next, fill the bottom of the Cherry Sticky coffin with candy or other treat, place top and wrap with orange ribbon. Secure ribbon with a bow.

9. Using 1/8-inch hand punch, punch a hole in paper pumpkin embellishment, attach to orange ribbon with orange twine, approximately 3-inches in length.