Black Glitter Paper – Spooky, Sparkly, and does not SHED!

Craft yourself a spooky Halloween this year with our Non-Shed Black Glitter paper. We created these large black bats to add a little last minute sparkle to our Halloween Decor and it could not have been any easier.

  1. Draw a simple bat shape onto the backside of the Non-Shed Glitter paper. Our Glitter paper is paper backed with white cardstock.
  2. Cut out the bat shape.
  3. Repeat!

Our glitter cardstock is available in a variety of sizes and assortment.


Paper Backed, 300 GSM

Available in these Stock Sizes:

6” x 6”
8.5” x 11”
12” x 12”
24.5” x 36.5”

Can be die-cut, folded, scored and more! Use with rotary cutters, plotters and scissors. And the glitter won’t come off during use due to a special coating!

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat! Chalk Bags

The treats are in the bag, literally! We are thrilled to introduce Chalk treat bags, the newest addition to our ETC Papers line. These Chalk bags have a chalkboard finish on the outside with a food safe, polylined finish on the inside. Bags have a tin tie, making closure easy and perfect for treats! The large Chalk bag measures 4.75″ x 2.5″ x 9.5″ and has a window. The small Chalk bag measures 3.375″ x 2.5″ x 7.75″.  These bags are customizable. Write personalized messages or doodle a cool design directly onto the outside of the bag with chalk.


Need a fun way to dress up those Halloween Treats? Fill up the large Chalk Bag with candy corn or any festive treat. The large bag has a window making it easy to see what’s inside without opening the bag. Personalize the bag and you are set for gifting.

Tonic Studios

We used a few fabulous products from our friends at Tonic Studios to help dress up our bag. We created a little Halloween banner to attach to the top of our Chalk Bag using Tonic Studios Nuvo Crystal Dots and the Garland Fayre Decorative Bunting die.

Cherry Wood Paper

We used Cherry Wood paper to create this Halloween bunting. Cherry Wood paper comes in sheets, envelopes, rolls, tape, tags, labels and more!

Garland Fayre

Die cut various sheets of Halloween pattern paper and Cherry Wood paper using the Garland Fayre Decorative bunting die to create a layered banner.

Nuvo Crystal Drops

Use Nuvo Crystal Drops to create custom epoxy embellishments. We added little dots of Ebony Black to the tops of the bunting.

Halloween Bunting

Mini banners are a great way to dress up all sorts of projects. Use as a cake topper, hang over the corner of a picture frame, or attach the bunting to a Chalk Treat bag.

Dress up this Halloween with Real Wood

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treating is right around the corner. We like to have extra special treats on hand for those costumes that really wow us. This year we filled a bunch of mini paint cans full of chocolate. We found these mini clear paint cans at The Container Store and instantly knew they’d look great with a little BARC Wood. We dressed these darling cans up with Birch Wood Design Labels and a few Halloween stickers. So easy and cute. Enjoy your Halloween and be safe!


Supplies for the Trick or Treat mini paint cans: Birch Wood ARC Design Labels, Halloween stickers, alphabet stickers, mini clear paint cans and candy.

Instructions for the Trick or Treat mini paint cans:

1. Fill mini clear paint can with candy.

2. Place the paint can lid onto the can and seal. Dress up the lid with a Birch Wood ARC Circle Design Label. Add a few Halloween stickers.

3. Dress up the outside of the paint can with a Birch Wood ARC Design Label. See photo for placement suggestion. Add a few more Halloween stickers. Spell out the message ‘trick or treat’ with the alphabet stickers.

Real Wood Boo Banner

Gather up all your random Halloween and paper ephemera to create a spooky mixed media banner. We used Rustic Birch Wood paper as our banner base and went a little crazy adding bits and pieces of old games, craft goodies and Halloween items. Anything goes!


Supplies for Real Wood Boo Banner: Rustic Birch Wood paper, Birch Wood paper, Birch Wood ARC Labels, triangle chipboard banner shapes (5), random Halloween ephemera, random old game pieces, tags, twine, Halloween pattern paper, black card stock, black and orange brads, clips, buttons, washi tape, hole punch, scissors, electronic cutter, BOO cut file, hot glue and adhesive.

Instructions for the Real Wood Boo Banner:

Use supplies and items you have on hand to recreate a similar BOO Banner. Nothing is off limits. Have fun and experiment. Start with Rustic Birch Wood paper as your banner base and add items until you like your results.

1. Adhere Rustic Birch Wood paper to the five chipboard banner pieces. Trim Rustic Birch Wood paper as needed.

2. Punch a hole in the top left and right corners of each banner.

3. Typeset a BOO file import into your e-cutter software.

4. Cut out the word BOO onto a sheet of black card stock using an electronic cutter. Cut out the word BOO onto a sheet of Birch Wood paper using an electronic cutter. Adhere the Birch Wood paper BOO to the top of the black card stock BOO.

5. Decorate each banner piece with random Birch Wood ARC Labels, Halloween ephemera, pattern paper, brads, buttons and game pieces. Arrange pieces and adhere in place.

6. Add random tags to separate each banner piece.

7. Attach banner together using twine, brads and hot glue.

Owl Mask with Real Wood

Halloween is fast approaching! We thought it would be cool to incorporate Real Wood into our Halloween costume this year. We found this cool cut file of an Owl mask at the Silhouette Design online store. This mask looks fantastic made from Wood. You can easily recreate this project in under 30 minutes. All you need is Cherry and Birch Wood paper, an electronic cutter and the Owl Mask file. Hurry, today is the last day you can download the Owl Mask for free from Silhouette. We love free treats!

Supplies for the Owl Mask: Birch wood paper, Cherry wood paper, Owl Mask cut file, electronic cutter, foam adhesive, ribbon and scissors.

Instructions for the Owl Mask:

1. Download the Owl Mask cut file.

2. Cut the Owl Mask onto one sheet of Cherry wood paper and one sheet of  Birch wood paper.

3. Remove the cut mask pieces from the excess Wood paper.

4. Arrange and layer the cut mask pieces as shown in our sample. Adhere in place with foam adhesive. We like the added dimension and detail of one Wood finish layered on top of another.

5. Adhere ribbon to the backside of either edge of the mask.

Not only do these masks look great as part of a costume but they also work well for spooky decor! We tied these two masks to a close by tree, and at first glance it gives the appearance that something is watching us from the woods. Spooky! Enjoy October and we hope you’ll stop back next week for more Real Wood Halloween inspiration.

Real Wood Halloween Tags

This week we are dropping off some sweet Halloween treat bags to friends. Need a simple Halloween treat? Dress up a simple bag of candy corn with a stamped Wood tag and you are set to deliver some spooky Halloween cheer.

Supplies for the Real Wood Halloween Tags & Treat bags: Cherry Wood paper, Birch Wood paper, cellophane bags, black glitter paper, black Sta-zon ink, halloween stamps, tag punch, bat punch, black twine, orange ribbon, glue dots, foam tape and candy corn.

Instructions for the Trick or Treat Halloween tag:

1. Punch out a tag shape from a sheet of Cherry wood.

2. Stamp Trick or Treat in black Sta-zon ink onto the Cherry wood tag.

3. Punch out a Bat from a sheet of black glitter paper.

4. Adhere the glitter bat to the Cherry wood tag with foam tape.

5. Thread black twine through Cherry wood tag and tie to cellophane bag filled with candy corn.

Instructions for the Spider Halloween tag:

1. Punch out a tag shape from a sheet of Cherry wood.

2. Stamp spider web in black Sta-zon ink onto the Cherry wood tag.

3. Stamp spider in black Sta-zon ink onto a piece of Birch wood and cut out.

4. Adhere Birch wood spider to the Cherry wood tag with a glue dot. Run a small piece of black twine from spider to tag edge and adhere down.

5. Thread black twine through Cherry wood tag and tie to cellophane bag filled with candy corn.

Real Wood Paper Pumpkins

Bring the texture of wood indoors with this simple fall decorating idea. These little Real Wood paper pumpkins are adorable and are made from Cherry Wood paper and Birch Wood paper. Quick and easy step by step instructions are listed out below.

Supplies for the Wood Paper Pumpkins: Cherry Wood Paper, Birch Wood paper, light green card stock, dark green card stock, dark green ink, leaf stamp, leaf punch, linen thread, various sizes of circle punches, 1″ scallop circle punch, adhesive, scissors, and hot glue.

Instructions for one Wood Paper Pumpkin:

1. Punch out 12 to 15 circles from Cherry wood. We used a 2″ circle punch to create the medium sized pumpkin.

2. Trim off the bottom 1/8 of every circle. Each Real Wood circle will have a flat base. Circle shapes should look like above image.

3. Lightly score and fold all Real Wood circles in half.

4. Add hot glue to one half of a Real Wood circle and adhere to another circle. Note, only one side of each circle should be adhered together. See photo below.

5. Continue adding and glueing down half circles until you get to half of your desired pumpkin shape. Remember to only glue down one half the circle shape each time you add a circle.

6. Roll the light green card stock into a small tube shape and glue. The tube length should be sized just larger than your pumpkin to create a stem. The tube length for the medium sized pumpkin is 2.5″.

7. Lay the first half of the pumpkin around the light green tube stem. The stem should fit in the center of the circle pumpkin shape. Once stem is centered in the pumpkin adhere in place.

8. Continue adding and glueing down half circles until you get the second half of your desired pumpkin shape. Glue both halves of the pumpkin together, sandwiching the stem in the center.


9. Punch out a scallop circle punch from Birch wood. Punch out or cut a small circle hole into the center of the Birch wood scallop shape. Slide the scallop shape over the top of the stem. Adhere in place.

10. Stamp leaves in dark green ink onto dark green card stock and punch out with matching leaf punch. Adhere to pumpkin near stem.

11. Tie a simple bow around stem using linen thread.

12. Repeat the process with various sizes of circles to create more pumpkins. Note – larger pumpkins require more circles to look full.

Real Wood Halloween Banner

We are back with more fun Halloween decor using Real wood. We have created this Halloween banner using a roll of Rustic Cherry Wood paper. The Rustic Cherry wood paper serves as a great base for our Halloween letters and gives our banner a spooky tree and haunted woods vibe.

Supplies for the Rustic Wood Halloween Banner: Rustic Cherry Wood Roll, two 12×12 sheets of orange chevron paper, two 12×12 sheets of black halloween paper, one 12×12 sheet of HALLOWEEN letters (we used Teresa Collins Masquerade paper), black lace ribbon, two black clothespins, foam tape adhesive, and a mini stapler.

Instructions for the Rustic Wood Halloween Banner:

1. Cut out nine 4″ x 5″ pieces from the Rustic Cherry wood roll.

2. Cut out nine 4″ x 3.5″ pieces from the orange chevron patterned paper.

3. Cut out nine 4″ x 3.5″ pieces from the black Halloween patterned paper.

4. Remove the adhesive liner from the back of the Rustic Cherry wood and adhere to the orange chevron and the black Halloween paper leaving 1″ of the patterned paper showing on the top and the bottom. Repeat this process 9 times to created your banner pieces. See photo below.

5. Cut out the HALLOWEEN letters. You will have nine 3″x3″ square letters.

6. Adhere each letter to the Rustic Cherry wood using foam tape. Center each letter from top to bottom and left to right.

7. Cut eight 2″ pieces of black lace ribbon. Attach each letter together using the black lace ribbon and a stapler until you’ve spelled out the word Halloween.

8. Cut two 12″ pieces of black lace ribbon. Staple the ribbon to each end of the banner (the H and the N).

9. Attached two black clothespins to the corners of the H and the N banner pieces.

10. Hang banner.

Real Wood Halloween Decor

October is upon us and we are decorating for Halloween. This week’s Wood project inspiration looks so professional framed and would look great highlighted in the middle of a wreath. The Skull was created using a skull stencil, acrylic paint and a sheet of Cherry wood. We used Birch wood tape to create the SPOOK banner.

Supplies for the ‘SPOOK Skull’ home decor: Cherry Wood Sheet, Birch wood tape, skull stencil, black acrylic paint, sponge daubers, black and white baker’s twine, alphabet stamp set, black sta-zon ink, scissors and black ceramic frame.

Skull Instructions:

1. Determine frame window size. Our frame window is 5″ x 7″. Cut a piece of Cherry wood to 5″ x 7″ or the window size of your frame.

2. Arrange the skull stencil onto the 5″x7″ piece of Cherry wood and tape down.

3. Slowly sponge black acrylic paint onto the stencil. Tip: We did many tests-if the paint was too thick or wet it bled through our stencil. We had the best luck using a sponge dauber and dry daubing acrylic paint slowly over the stencil image.

4. Let dry and then remove the stencil from the Cherry wood. Lightly touch up areas if needed.

5. Insert the stenciled piece of Cherry wood into the frame.

Spook Banner Instructions:

1. Cut five pieces of Birch wood tape 4 inches long.

2. Fold each piece of Birch wood tape in half before you remove the liner. This will help score the Birch wood tape and provide a mark to where the baker’s twine should go.

3. Cut an 18″ piece of black and white baker’s twine.

4. Remove the liner from one piece of Birch wood tape. Line up the baker’s twine onto the folded line. The Birch wood tape adhesive should keep it in place. Fold over the Birch wood tape and sandwich the baker’s twine. Repeat this process with the remaining four pieces of Birch wood tape. Tip: Start in the center of the baker’s twine and evenly space each Birch wood tape piece outward to the left and right.

5. Using an alphabet stamp set and black sta-zon ink, stamp each letter onto each  Birch wood tape banner piece.

6. Snip the ends of each Birch wood tape banner piece with scissors into a flag shape.

7. Drape and tie banner ends down to opposite ends of the frame. See photo for suggested placement.