Owl Mask with Real Wood

Halloween is fast approaching! We thought it would be cool to incorporate Real Wood into our Halloween costume this year. We found this cool cut file of an Owl mask at the Silhouette Design online store. This mask looks fantastic made from Wood. You can easily recreate this project in under 30 minutes. All you need is Cherry and Birch Wood paper, an electronic cutter and the Owl Mask file. Hurry, today is the last day you can download the Owl Mask for free from Silhouette. We love free treats!

Supplies for the Owl Mask: Birch wood paper, Cherry wood paper, Owl Mask cut file, electronic cutter, foam adhesive, ribbon and scissors.

Instructions for the Owl Mask:

1. Download the Owl Mask cut file.

2. Cut the Owl Mask onto one sheet of Cherry wood paper and one sheet of  Birch wood paper.

3. Remove the cut mask pieces from the excess Wood paper.

4. Arrange and layer the cut mask pieces as shown in our sample. Adhere in place with foam adhesive. We like the added dimension and detail of one Wood finish layered on top of another.

5. Adhere ribbon to the backside of either edge of the mask.

Not only do these masks look great as part of a costume but they also work well for spooky decor! We tied these two masks to a close by tree, and at first glance it gives the appearance that something is watching us from the woods. Spooky! Enjoy October and we hope you’ll stop back next week for more Real Wood Halloween inspiration.

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