Matting pictures with Real Wood

Do you like to create your own home decor? Dress up an ordinary mat with Real Wood. Add a warm element to your pictures and family photos by incorporating Cherry Wood into your picture mat. It’s super easy and will change the look of your artwork. We put our Cherry wood mat over an owl poster. This piece of art will be a great addition to our Halloween decorations.


Supplies for Real Wood mat: Cherry Wood 12×12 adhesive paper, precut mat board, sanding block, hobby blade and ruler.

Instructions for creating a Cherry wood mat:

1. Measure the outside of your precut mat board. Our mat board is 9″ x 12″.

2. Cut a sheet of  Cherry wood adhesive paper to mat board size 9″x12″.

3. Remove the adhesive liner and adhere the Cherry wood paper to the front of the precut mat. Align outer edges.

4. Clean up and trim outside perimeter with a hobby blade and ruler (if needed).

5. Flip over mat so the backside is facing up so the precut window opening is visible.

6. From the backside align your ruler to one edge of the mat opening. Cut that edge with a hobby blade. Repeat process with other remaining 3 sides. Take your time slowly and carefully cutting away the center to create the mat opening.

7. Sand the outer and inner edges of the mat with a sanding block.

8. Add picture or photo and frame if desired.

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