Love You Wood Decor with Smooch Spritz

We had so much fun this April showing you how well Wood and ClearSnap products partner. Thank you ClearSnap!

This week we’ve created a home decor art piece that would make a great gift for Mom using Wood and Smooch Spritz. Spritzing wood is a great way to add subtle or bold color. We played around and tested spritzing and painted directly onto Wood for different effects.

Supplies for the ‘LOVE YOU’ Home Decor: Birch Wood Sheets, Cherry Wood SheetSmooch Spritz (various colors), Hexacomb board, e-cutter, love you cut file, scissors and foam adhesive.

Instructions for creating the ‘LOVE YOU’ Home Decor:

1. Typeset LOVE YOU word art and cut onto a 12″x12″ piece of Birch Wood using an e-cutter.

2. Mount the cut Birch Wood piece onto a sheet of Cherry Wood, allowing the Cherry Wood color to show through the cut words.

3. Mount assembled BARC Wood piece onto a sheet of 12″x12″ Hexacomb board. Trim edges as needed.

4. Spray Smooch Spritz onto a sheet of Birch Wood. Try a variety of colors and density to achieve the desired look. Note: for our ‘LOVE YOU’ project we used a combination of Cosmic Pink and  Tea Party Smooch Spritz. See below.

We painted using Magestic Smooch Spritz but ultimately decided on the softer look of the spray version.

5. Cut out a heart from the Spritzed Birch Wood.

6. Mount the heart onto the ‘LOVE YOU’ home decor piece using foam adhesive.

We loved how ClearSnap artist Dana Tatar also used Colorbox Spritzers to add color to Real Wood Tape on this spring terra-cotta pot. Check out the ClearSnap blog for a tutorial on how to create the terra-cotta pot project.

Real Wood & ClearSnap Memory Matching Game

We are back again this week highlighting some of our favorite products from ClearSnap with wood . We just love old wooden toys and games. We wanted to use our wood and mimic the look and feel of a classic wood game. Our Memory Matching Game is made with Birch wood and various ClearSnap products, including the Souvenir Boston stamp set! This project was simple and fun to create and even more fun to play.

For more ClearSnap and wood inspiration check out our post from last week!

Supplies for the Memory Matching Game:  Birch wood, Colorbox Souvenir Stamps: Boston, cork, muslin bag, Colorbox Putty Spritzer, Colorbox Chalk Burnt Sienna Cat’s Eye, Colorbox Chalk Candied Yam Cat’s Eye, Colorbox Chalk Dark Moss Cat’s Eye, Colorbox Chevron Art Screen, Fudge Colorbox Surfacez ink, printer, Big Shot Die-cutting machine,  2″ circle die, spray fixative, scissors and foam adhesive.

Instructions for Memory Matching Game:

1. Mount Birch wood adhesive backed paper to a sheet of cork and cut out 24 circles using a Big Shot and a 2″ circle die.

2. Stamp two of each image onto the BARC wood covered circle (for a total of 6) in Colorbox Chalk Burnt Sienna  with the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set. Note the two images should try to match each other in placement and color as close as possible.

3. Stamp two of each image onto the wood covered circle (for a total of 6) in Colorbox Chalk Candied Yam with the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set.

4. Stamp two of each image onto the  wood covered circle (for a total of 6) in Colorbox Chalk Dark Moss with the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set.

5. Stamp two of each image onto the wood covered circle  (for a total of 6) in Colorbox black ink included with the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set.

6. Depending on the ink you use you may need to add a spray fixative to the top of each game piece to avoid smearing.

7. Typeset ‘Memory Matching Game’ and print onto a sheet of Birch wood. Cut into tag shape.

8. Stamp the ‘Boston’ image from the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set in Fudge Colorbox Surfacez ink. Cut out the ‘Boston’ banner and mount to the front of the Birch wood tag.

9. Spritz a muslin bag with Colorbox Putty Spritzer and the Colorbox Chevron Art Screen. To create a window opening like we did on our muslin bag lay the Chevron Art Screen over the muslin bag, then lay a 3″ circle over the Chevron Art Screen before your spritz.  See photos below.

10. Let the muslin bag dry. Stamp the ‘State’ image from the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set in Fudge Colorbox Surfacez ink onto the circle opening on the muslin bag.

11. Spray fix your bag to keep the various ink from smudging. Fill your bag with the 24 stamped game pieces and attached the tag.

12. Play your game!

Pretty packages wrapped in Real wood

Create gift packaging as precious as the gift inside that can be used again and again. We wrapped this small hexagon gift box in wood and decorated the top with a few fun paper crafting supplies. We are sure this birthday gift and package will be remembered and treasured!

Supplies for Birthday Gift box: Cherry wood, Birch Wood tape, small hexagon paper box, a variety of pink coordinating patterned papers, paper doily, pink card stock, green card stock, confetti card stock, flair button, flower punch, leaf punch, label punch, happy birthday stamp, green ink, scissors, sanding block and adhesive.

Instructions for covering Birthday Gift box:

1. Measure your paper gift box.

2. Cut Cherry Wood to box measurements.

3. Remove adhesive liner from the cut and measured pieces of Cherry wood and adhere them to the paper box.

4. Using a sanding block lightly sand edges of Cherry wood wrapped box.

Instructions for decorating the top of the Birthday Gift box:

1. Punch a label shape out of pink card stock and adhere to box top.

2. Cut a 1″ piece of Birch wood tape and adhere to top of pink card stock label.

3. Fold a white paper doily into a hanky triangle shape and adhere to top of Birch wood tape.

4. Cut two .5″ x 2″ flags from pink patterned paper. Cut one 1″ x 2″ flag from confetti white card stock. Set flags aside.

5. Stamp happy birthday phrase in green ink onto the confetti white paper flag.

6. Punch out two flowers and two green leaves using a flower and a leaf punch.

7. Layer, arrange and adhere Birthday phrase flag, patterned paper flags, flowers and leaves together. See box top for suggested placement.

8. Add flair button to center of flower.