Winner for the Neat & Tangled Gift Code…

We want to thank everyone who participated in commenting on our blog posts last week. We had a great time collaborating with Neat & Tangled and their amazing products. Now it’s your turn to play with their stuff! We have selected an official winner of the $25.00 Neat & Tangled gift card, and the winner is…

Laura Schollaart!

Congratulations Laura!!! We will be contacting you via email with your special gift card code to use on the Neat & Tangled website.

Thank you again everyone for taking the time to read last week’s blog posts and commenting your thoughts on these super fun crafts. Stay tuned for more fun stuff coming your way from ETC Papers!


A Good Life – Home Décor Sign

Sometimes things won’t go as expected, but life goes on and life is good! Remembering our blessings and all of the great people that surround us keeps us grounded. We’ve added this new A Good Life sign to our online store and is a perfect daily reminder to be thankful, everyday.

A Good Life
Weathered wooden sign measuring 6″ x 6″ x 1.75″ that says “A good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are for what you have”.
This sign is available for purchase in our online store for $13.99.

Live the Life You have Imagined

‘Live the Life You Have Imagined’ is one of our new favorite Home Decor signs. We love the color, the phrase and the size! It’s pretty much perfect. You can purchase this sign here. This is the season of giving and this would make a great gift! We are adding it to our list.

Wrap the sign up with a little ribbon and a handmade wooden tag and you’ll be all set.

Wooden sign measuring 9″ x 7″ x 1-1/2″. This Wood Block says “Live The life You Have Imagined”.

Wooden Photo Holder & Clipboard

Display your favorite photo, quote or artwork on our new Wooden photo holder. This new item is available now in our online store for only $14.99.

We created this fun piece of word art using Real Wood Birch and Cherry paper, a Minc foil machine and heat transfer foil. Heat foil will transfer to toner from a copy machine. We took sheets of our Real wood paper to a local copy center for laser printing and then tested various heat settings on the Minc machine to achieve the foil transfer. Since our Real Wood paper has a varied grain, the foil transfer also was a little varied. We love the results!

Display your art!

Our Wooden photo holder measures 10″ x 10″ x 0.5″. The metal silver clip is attached to the wood and functions like a clipboard. We printed this fun statement on a 5″ x 7″ sheet of Real Wood Birch paper. Clip your favorite quote, artwork or photos on this lovely sign!

Take time to be THANKFUL

Thankful for …

We are thankful for many things in our lives. Love, health and happiness to name a few. This time of year calls upon us to ponder all of our many blessings. We are Thankful for YOU!

For your next gathering …

There is more to love in our seasonal decor line. These ‘Thankful’ home decor signs are the perfect gift. Wrap in cellophane with a simple tag and take along with you to your next dinner or gathering. The hostess is sure to be impressed.

Thankful. Grateful & Truly Blessed.

This wooden sign features a brown and tan palette. It features beautiful corner scrolls with a word design of “Thankful, Grateful and Truly Blessed”. The sign measures 6″ x 9″ x 1.5″. A great size for a wall, mantle, shelf or centerpiece display. Purchase in our shop for $12.99.

Take Time to be Thankful

This darling little wooden sign is white, silver, and copper, and features a word design that says “Take time to be Thankful”. This sign measures 5″ x 5″ x 1.5″ and is available for $7.99.

Real Wood Posters

Take your personalized posters up a notch and print your next design on Wood. We created this birth announcement poster and printed it with an inkjet printer onto Birch wood paper. We love it and are certain it will make a great gift.

Wood papers are very absorbent. If printing by inkjet, test the settings on your printer – too much ink forces it to move through the wood fibers. Also, if using an inkjet printer, waterproof inks using pigment for color will give you a better result since the ink will “sit” on top of the wood fibers.

Supplies for Birch wood poster: Birch wood paper, ink jet printer and poster design.

Love You Wood Decor with Smooch Spritz

We had so much fun this April showing you how well Wood and ClearSnap products partner. Thank you ClearSnap!

This week we’ve created a home decor art piece that would make a great gift for Mom using Wood and Smooch Spritz. Spritzing wood is a great way to add subtle or bold color. We played around and tested spritzing and painted directly onto Wood for different effects.

Supplies for the ‘LOVE YOU’ Home Decor: Birch Wood Sheets, Cherry Wood SheetSmooch Spritz (various colors), Hexacomb board, e-cutter, love you cut file, scissors and foam adhesive.

Instructions for creating the ‘LOVE YOU’ Home Decor:

1. Typeset LOVE YOU word art and cut onto a 12″x12″ piece of Birch Wood using an e-cutter.

2. Mount the cut Birch Wood piece onto a sheet of Cherry Wood, allowing the Cherry Wood color to show through the cut words.

3. Mount assembled BARC Wood piece onto a sheet of 12″x12″ Hexacomb board. Trim edges as needed.

4. Spray Smooch Spritz onto a sheet of Birch Wood. Try a variety of colors and density to achieve the desired look. Note: for our ‘LOVE YOU’ project we used a combination of Cosmic Pink and  Tea Party Smooch Spritz. See below.

We painted using Magestic Smooch Spritz but ultimately decided on the softer look of the spray version.

5. Cut out a heart from the Spritzed Birch Wood.

6. Mount the heart onto the ‘LOVE YOU’ home decor piece using foam adhesive.

We loved how ClearSnap artist Dana Tatar also used Colorbox Spritzers to add color to Real Wood Tape on this spring terra-cotta pot. Check out the ClearSnap blog for a tutorial on how to create the terra-cotta pot project.

Easter giving and crafting with Real Wood

Share Easter wishes and decorate eggs without the mess. This Spring craft was so simple to decorate with Wood and will make a memorable Easter gift for the recipient. Happy Easter!

Supplies for Wood Rustic wrapped Easter gift: 6×12 Rustic Birch adhesive wood sheet, Birch Labels, ceramic egg container, 1/2 dozen hard-boiled eggs, crochet lace and a basic egg dye kit. 

1. Fill a ceramic egg container with a 1/2 dozen hard-boiled eggs.

2. Cut the 6″x 12″ Rustic Birch adhesive backed wood sheet to 2.5″ x 12″. Remove the adhesive liner from the Rustic Birch sheet and create a belly band by wrapping the egg-filled container – see picture for placement.  Note: the adhesive side of the Rustic Birch sheet will lightly stick to the eggs and keep them in place inside the egg container until the gift is delivered.

3. Cut a strip of crochet lace to 20″ and tie around the Rustic Birch belly band.

4. Remove the dye pack and the egg dip tool from your egg dye kit.

5. Wrap a Birch wood label around the dye pack and egg dip tool. The Birch wood label serves as decoration and is functional in sticking the tool and dye together.

6. Tie the small end of the egg dip tool to the crochet lace with a knot.

7. Add an Easter message or deliver the gift as is. Happy Easter.



Give Thanks – Printing on Real Birch Wood

Did you know you can print onto wood just like you can print onto paper? The folks at Modify Ink have a free printable that you can download and it looks amazing printed on Wood. Modify Ink has other great designs that you can customize colors and sizes to fit your home decor needs. We downloaded this awesome GIVE THANKS design and decided to print it onto a 8.5×11 piece of Birch Wood. We love the message and the print makes a perfect and super easy decor piece for our Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.

Supplies for the Give Thanks print: 8.5×11 sheet of Birch Wood paper, Give Thanks printable, Inkjet printer and a frame.

1. Print the Give Thanks printable onto a piece of 8.5×11 Birch Wood paper.

2. Frame.

3. Display.

Real Wood Paintings

If you didn’t have a chance to visit our booth at CHA last week, not to worry, we have a few other exciting items to share with you today. In addition to crafting applications, our Wood products are an excellent choice as a fine art medium. With the help of an amazing artist, Jill McGannon, here are a couple of oil paint examples of the  Wood Sheets put to use in this fashion.

Water-color also works wonderfully on our Wood Sheets (sample below created by Rouge Rhombus Design).