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EVO Synthetic Papers – where imagination and creativity meet

All you need is a little imagination and the creativity will start flowing. This piece, painted on EVO synthetic paper, came together over a few days. We love how the white ink lays on the paper creating a divide between the pink and purple inks. Want to play with alcohol inks but don’t know where […]

Playing with EVO Synthetic Paper – Ink Smooshing

It’s really difficult to achieve identical looks when creating on EVO synthetic paper. Each EVO piece is unique and we love that! Our paper is so smooth that the ink can flow in unpredictable ways. The more you play and understand how to paint on EVO the more you can control the outcome. For this […]

EVO – A Study in Yellow

Last month we started our COLOR inspiration series. We shared all sorts of fun EVO painted pieces using purple ink (check that post out here). We are back with our next installment … A study in YELLOW! EVO and Alcohol ink – Yellow is such a bright and happy color. There are so many fantastic […]

EVO Synthetic paper – Create Bright, Beautiful and Unique Projects

Remember this EVO background? We create this gorgeous piece last month and just keep staring at it. The green, yellow and orange colors have the feel of leaves changing colors. Aha! Inspiration strikes again. We decided to turn this piece of art into this colorful THANKS card. We love the gradient look on the original […]

Creating ‘One in a MELON’ Projects with EVO

Hello! Playing with watermelon color ink on EVO got us all inspired. Sometimes projects are inspired by color. To create these three cards we started with EVO and a little alcohol ink. The backgrounds were painted, spritzed, colored, and stamped.  The painted backgrounds started to take on a watermelon vibe. We pushed that look a […]

EVO Background Art using Bubble Wrap

Hello! Welcome back friends. This week we are painting on EVO Synthetic Paper using alcohol ink and bubble wrap. Yes, bubble wrap! It’s an interesting “tool” to use but we are loving the various end results. First we started with two colors of Alcohol Ink: Piñata Señorita Magenta and Tim Holtz Sunshine Yellow. We mixed […]

EVO – a study in purple

It’s crazy hot in our neck of the woods lately but we had a rare afternoon where the outdoor temperatures we so pleasant we took our “work” outside. Our mission was to paint and test all of the purple alcohol inks we had in our arsenal. A study in PURPLE! We can’t get enough! There are […]

Creating delicate paper embellishments with EVO!

Hello Friends! Do you like to create your own custom embellishments and word art for your projects? We do this all the time but now we have a new secret weapon… EVO Synthetic paper.  We’ve been creating loads of delicate paper embellishments from our of EVO paper. Want to know why? EVO paper is tear resistant!!! Sometimes regular […]

EVO Synthetic Paper – Jellyfish Art

Hello friends. Today we are sharing this Jelly fish art piece that was totally inspired by the process of creation. We had no idea when we started painting this EVO background and used a hair dryer and blew into a straw to help move the alcohol ink around. The ink flows so freely on EVO synthetic paper […]