EVO Circle Home Decor Demo

Have you had a chance to try out our new EVO White circles? Painting on a circle can be so much fun. We offer 3 sizes; 8, 10 & 12 inch.

Making moody home décor using our new EVO Circles and just one color of alcohol ink: Pitch Black Adirondack. Our designer Kim shares how she achieved this black marble look. Give it a try!

Black Marble Home Decor

EVO Synthetic paper – 10″ round
Air Blower Tool
Pitch Black Adirondack Ink
Paint Brush
Isopropyl Alcohol, Mod Podge
10″ Round Wood Disc

1. Pour some Isopropyl rubbing alcohol onto the EVO paper.

2. Drop Pitch Black Adirondack alcohol ink into the rubbing alcohol.

3. Use a blowing tool to spread the ink.

4. Continue to apply ink to EVO paper and allow each layer to dry.

5. Use a paint brush and dip it into a small cup of rubbing alcohol to soften the ink lines.

6. Adhere to a 10″ round wood disc with Mod Podge.

7. Display on the wall or a plate stand.

NOTE – I only used Pitch Black alcohol ink. Colors come out when dried and mixed with rubbing alcohol.


EVO Synthetic Circles – White Thick Variety Pack


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