Easter giving and crafting with Real Wood

Share Easter wishes and decorate eggs without the mess. This Spring craft was so simple to decorate with Wood and will make a memorable Easter gift for the recipient. Happy Easter!

Supplies for Wood Rustic wrapped Easter gift: 6×12 Rustic Birch adhesive wood sheet, Birch Labels, ceramic egg container, 1/2 dozen hard-boiled eggs, crochet lace and a basic egg dye kit. 

1. Fill a ceramic egg container with a 1/2 dozen hard-boiled eggs.

2. Cut the 6″x 12″ Rustic Birch adhesive backed wood sheet to 2.5″ x 12″. Remove the adhesive liner from the Rustic Birch sheet and create a belly band by wrapping the egg-filled container – see picture for placement.  Note: the adhesive side of the Rustic Birch sheet will lightly stick to the eggs and keep them in place inside the egg container until the gift is delivered.

3. Cut a strip of crochet lace to 20″ and tie around the Rustic Birch belly band.

4. Remove the dye pack and the egg dip tool from your egg dye kit.

5. Wrap a Birch wood label around the dye pack and egg dip tool. The Birch wood label serves as decoration and is functional in sticking the tool and dye together.

6. Tie the small end of the egg dip tool to the crochet lace with a knot.

7. Add an Easter message or deliver the gift as is. Happy Easter.



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