Real Wood and Zig® woodcraft markers

We created these simple Easter egg notecards using Cherry wood paper and Zig Woodcraft markers.

Zig Woodcraft markers work great on all of our wood finishes. You can use these woodcraft markers to decorate or write directly onto our wood paper. These high opacity markers allow for many coats of paint with little bleed-through.

Supplies for Wood Easter Egg notecards: Cherry wood paper, 3″x5″ white notecards, scissors, Zig Woodcraft markers and foam adhesive.

Instructions for  Easter Egg notecards:

1. Doodle designs onto Cherry wood paper with Zig Woodcraft markers. We suggest you test a few signs before you start this project. We drew stripes and hexagons. Tip: these markers are fairly precise but it you don’t get the coverage you want it’s easy to lay down another coat of ink to get the opacity you like.

2. Using scissors cut out egg shapes from Cherry wood paper.

3. Draw designs onto the egg shaped Cherry wood.

4. Mount  Cherry wood egg shape to the front of a 3″x5″ white notecard using foam adhesive.


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