Real Wood covered journals

Wood sheets can cover just about anything. Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. We wanted to add a little personality to these plain journals so we covered them with Wood. These journals look great in Cherry, Birch and Rustic Birch finishes and will make memorable gifts.

Supplies for Wood covered journals: Cherry wood adhesive paper, Birch wood adhesive paper, Rustic Birch wood adhesive paper, plain kraft covered journals (4), scissors, metal edge ruler, cutting mat, paper sanding block and a hobby blade.

Instructions for wood covered journal:

1. Measure your journal. Our larger journal folded is 8.5″ x 5.5″.  The flat size is 8.5 x 11.

2. Trim a sheet of wood to .5″ larger than the flat size of your journal (9″ x 11.5″).

3. Remove adhesive liner from back of the Wood sheet.

4. Adhere the wood sheet to the journal. Start at the front of the book and press the wood paper down as you adhere around the spine and onto the back of the book.

5. Using a metal edge ruler and a hobby blade trim the wood paper to the journal shape.

6. Lightly sand the cut edges and smooth out.

7. Repeat process on additional journals with a variety of Wood finishes.

8. Leave journals plain or embellish.

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