Winner for the Neat & Tangled Gift Code…

We want to thank everyone who participated in commenting on our blog posts last week. We had a great time collaborating with Neat & Tangled and their amazing products. Now it’s your turn to play with their stuff! We have selected an official winner of the $25.00 Neat & Tangled gift card, and the winner is…

Laura Schollaart!

Congratulations Laura!!! We will be contacting you via email with your special gift card code to use on the Neat & Tangled website.

Thank you again everyone for taking the time to read last week’s blog posts and commenting your thoughts on these super fun crafts. Stay tuned for more fun stuff coming your way from ETC Papers!


All Set for Thanksgiving

It may be a few days early, but our table is set and ready for Thanksgiving. We created napkin rings using Real Wood Paper. We love the season of Thanks, and we are grateful for you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by!

Supplies for the Real Wood Tape Napkin rings: Birch Wood tape, Birch Wood sheet, Cherry Wood sheet, leaf punch, scallop circle punch and foam adhesive.

Instructions for creating a Real Wood Tape Napkin ring:

1. Determine the number of place settings. We have a group of 12 this year.

2. Cut a 6″ strip of Birch Wood tape.

3. Punch out a scallop circle from Cherry Wood sheet. Adhere to the center of the 6″ strip of Birch Wood tape.

4. Punch out a leaf from Birch Wood sheet. Adhere to the center of the scallop circle.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for every place setting.

6. Adhere the ends of each assembled strip together to create a ring. Slip ring over napkin.

Add more matching decor with a Rustic Cherry wood placement. All you’ll need is Rustic Cherry wood roll(s), cork and scissors.

1. Remove the adhesive liner for the backside of the Rustic Cherry wood. Adhere Rustic Cherry Wood to the front of a sheet of cork.

2. Trim and clean up the outer edges of your placement.

3. Repeat.

Matting pictures with Real Wood

Do you like to create your own home decor? Dress up an ordinary mat with Real Wood. Add a warm element to your pictures and family photos by incorporating Cherry Wood into your picture mat. It’s super easy and will change the look of your artwork. We put our Cherry wood mat over an owl poster. This piece of art will be a great addition to our Halloween decorations.


Supplies for Real Wood mat: Cherry Wood 12×12 adhesive paper, precut mat board, sanding block, hobby blade and ruler.

Instructions for creating a Cherry wood mat:

1. Measure the outside of your precut mat board. Our mat board is 9″ x 12″.

2. Cut a sheet of  Cherry wood adhesive paper to mat board size 9″x12″.

3. Remove the adhesive liner and adhere the Cherry wood paper to the front of the precut mat. Align outer edges.

4. Clean up and trim outside perimeter with a hobby blade and ruler (if needed).

5. Flip over mat so the backside is facing up so the precut window opening is visible.

6. From the backside align your ruler to one edge of the mat opening. Cut that edge with a hobby blade. Repeat process with other remaining 3 sides. Take your time slowly and carefully cutting away the center to create the mat opening.

7. Sand the outer and inner edges of the mat with a sanding block.

8. Add picture or photo and frame if desired.

Faux Watercolor on Real Wood

Check out these gorgeous wood prints! Think of all the amazing things you could do with Real Wood!


This project looks like we spent a serious amount of time and effort to watercolor a bouquet of flowers onto Birch wood. This design has simply been printed with a regular ink jet printer onto a sheet of Birch Wood paper. We loved the result so much we decided to create a set of gift note cards. These printed wood note cards paired with Wood envelopes will make great gifts.

Supplies for printed wood note cards: 8.5″ x 11″  Birch Wood paper, 4bar Birch Wood envelopes, Inkjet printer, Bouquet art file, Big Shot and label die shape.

Instructions for printed wood note cards:

1. Download Bouquet art file.

2. Size art file down to 4″x 5″ and add a typeset ‘Thank You’ in a design program. Arrange four of your designs onto an 8.5″ x 11″ canvas size. Print onto an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of Birch wood.

3. Using a label die and the Big Shot, cut out four cards. Note these are flat cards with no fold.

4. Pair with four 4bar Birch Wood Envelopes to create a 4 note card gift set.

Beautiful Birch Wood Envelope & Card

Our new Wood envelopes are show stoppers on their own, add a handmade card using Birch Wood & Birch Labels and stun the recipient!

Birch Wood sheets are thin real wood and are available with permanent adhesive backing or paper backing. Great for labels, inkjet printing (using bypass), rubber stamping & scrapbooking. Can be die cut, embossed/debossed, folded, stamped, painted, foil stamped, laser cut, scored, written on and more!

Wood envelopes are available in Cherry Wood and Birch WoodWood envelopes come in 5 sizes: 4Bar, A2, A6, A7, and 5×5. Wood envelopes can be purchased in bulk, packs of 5 envelopes and packs of 5 envelopes and flat notecards. Envelopes can be mailed through the USPS at regular postage rates (except for the 5×5 square).

Supplies for the Birch Wood Thanks card: Birch Wood, Birch Labels, vellum, pink lace flower ribbon, dark pink cardstock, thanks die, Big Shot, adhesive and scissors.

Instructions for Birch Wood Thanks card:

1. Cut a piece of Birch Wood paper to 4.25 x 5.5.

2. Cut a piece of dark pink cardstock to 4.25 x 4.5. Adhere to front of Birch Wood paper.

3. Cut a piece of vellum to 4.25 x 2.25, adhere to dark pink cardstock.

4. Take a label shape from the Birch Labels, and adhere to vellum. See sample for placement.

5. Cut a piece of pink lace flower ribbon to 3.75″. Adhere to Birch Label.

6. Using a ‘Thanks’ die and the Big shot cut out the ‘Thanks’ sentiment from. Birch Wood adhesive paper . Remove adhesive liner and adhere to ‘Thanks’ vellum. See sample for placement.

Party Favors with Real Wood Labels

Have a fun party or event coming up? Create darling party favors with small inexpensive jars from your local craft store. Dress up and label these jars with our Birch ETC Labels and a few simple embellishments. Fill with your favorite treat or small item and you’ll be ready for the perfect party.

Real Wood Labels are great for mailing labels, labeling and packaging. Can be stamped, folded, painted, scored, written on and more! Can be used on a standard address label template through an inkjet printer. Sticks to clean, smooth and flat surfaces. Easy to peel. Permanent adhesive. 30 labels per sheet. Label size 1″x6.225″. Our labels can be folded and are available in all Wood finishes (Cherry, Birch, Rustic Cherry, Rustic Birch) and also ChalkTalk.

Supplies for Label party favors: Birch ARC Labels, Cherry Wood sheet, tiny jars (we purchased ours at World Market), Hello, Happy Day and small flower stamps, red, pink and green stamp ink, small wood pearl embellishment, vanilla cardstock, electronic cutter, leaf cut file, mini stripe washi tape, glue dots and scissors.

Instructions for Label ‘Happy Day’ party favor:

1. Stamp ‘Happy Day’ in red stamp ink onto a Birch ARC Label.

2. Apply Birch ARC Label to front of jar. See photo for approximate placement.

3. With an electronic cutter and leaf cut file, cut a leaf onto a sheet of Cherry Wood.

4. Adhere Cherry Wood leaf onto top left corner of  Birch Label. See photo for approximate placement.

5. Stamp small flower in red and green ink onto a piece of vanilla cardstock and cut out.

6. Adhere flower to top of Cherry Wood leaf with a glue dot. Add wood pearl to center of flower.


Instructions for  Label ‘Hello’ party favor:

1. Apply Birch Label to front of jar. See photo for approximate placement.

2. Wrap and adhere a small piece of striped washi tape around jar and over the top of the Birch Label.

3. Stamp ‘Hello’ in pink stamp ink onto a piece of vanilla card stock and cut out.

4. Adhere stamped ‘Hello’ onto center of  Birch Label. See photo for approximate placement.

Berry Basket with Real Wood label

Summer parties and BBQs sometimes call for a simple hostess gift. Pull this cute gift idea together quickly with fruits from your garden or local farmer’s market, a berry basket and incorporate Cherry Wood into the label gift tag.

Supplies for the Cherry Wood raspberry fruit label and basket: Cherry Wood Paper, berry basket, berries, chipboard, berry label or create your own, washi tape, label die, manual die-cut machine, foam adhesive, scissors, ruler and hobby blade.

Instructions for creating Cherry Wood raspberry fruit label:

1. Measure fruit basket. Cut chipboard label base to the dimension of one basket side. In our case the dimension is 4″ x 6″.

2. Using a ruler and hobby blade taper the bottom edges of the chipboard so it will easily slide into the basket.  Round chipboard corners with scissors.

3. Die-cut a label shape from Cherry Wood paper or use a larger label from our Wood Cherry labels.

4. Wrap washi tape around the center of the Cherry Wood paper label.

5. Center and mount  Cherry Wood paper label to chipboard using foam adhesive.

6. Cut out existing tag from fruit packaging or create your own from pattern paper or clip art.

7. Center and mount fruit label to Cherry Wood paper using foam adhesive.

7. Insert fruit label into fruit basket

8. Fill basket with fruit.

Real Cherry Wood Home banner

Want the look of wood without the weight of wood? Wood paper is thin, lightweight and mounts perfectly to other lightweight surfaces. We created this Home banner using Cherry Wood paper and adhered it to a piece of recycled cardboard. Attach the banner to a wreath and you’ll have a welcoming home decor piece.

Supplies for the ‘Home Banner’: Cherry Adhesive Wood Sheet, Home decor vinyl, scrap cardboard, pencil, hobby blade and ruler.

Instruction for the ‘Home Banner’:

1. Cut a piece of scrap cardboard to 8.5″ x 11″.

2. Remove the adhesive liner and mount the sheet of Cherry Wood onto the piece of cardboard.

3. Transfer the vinyl home decor piece directly to the Cherry Wood.

4. With a pencil and ruler lightly draw a banner shape around the Cherry wood and Home sentiment. See project photo for suggested placement.

5. With a hobby blade and ruler cut out the banner shape. Tip: thick cardboard can be tricky to cut. Be sure to start with a sharp hobby blade. Cut lightly and slowly with the hobby blade using the ruler as your guide. Repeat the cut deeper and deeper with each pass until you have a clean cut through the cardboard.

Real Wood & ClearSnap Memory Matching Game

We are back again this week highlighting some of our favorite products from ClearSnap with wood . We just love old wooden toys and games. We wanted to use our wood and mimic the look and feel of a classic wood game. Our Memory Matching Game is made with Birch wood and various ClearSnap products, including the Souvenir Boston stamp set! This project was simple and fun to create and even more fun to play.

For more ClearSnap and wood inspiration check out our post from last week!

Supplies for the Memory Matching Game:  Birch wood, Colorbox Souvenir Stamps: Boston, cork, muslin bag, Colorbox Putty Spritzer, Colorbox Chalk Burnt Sienna Cat’s Eye, Colorbox Chalk Candied Yam Cat’s Eye, Colorbox Chalk Dark Moss Cat’s Eye, Colorbox Chevron Art Screen, Fudge Colorbox Surfacez ink, printer, Big Shot Die-cutting machine,  2″ circle die, spray fixative, scissors and foam adhesive.

Instructions for Memory Matching Game:

1. Mount Birch wood adhesive backed paper to a sheet of cork and cut out 24 circles using a Big Shot and a 2″ circle die.

2. Stamp two of each image onto the BARC wood covered circle (for a total of 6) in Colorbox Chalk Burnt Sienna  with the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set. Note the two images should try to match each other in placement and color as close as possible.

3. Stamp two of each image onto the wood covered circle (for a total of 6) in Colorbox Chalk Candied Yam with the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set.

4. Stamp two of each image onto the  wood covered circle (for a total of 6) in Colorbox Chalk Dark Moss with the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set.

5. Stamp two of each image onto the wood covered circle  (for a total of 6) in Colorbox black ink included with the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set.

6. Depending on the ink you use you may need to add a spray fixative to the top of each game piece to avoid smearing.

7. Typeset ‘Memory Matching Game’ and print onto a sheet of Birch wood. Cut into tag shape.

8. Stamp the ‘Boston’ image from the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set in Fudge Colorbox Surfacez ink. Cut out the ‘Boston’ banner and mount to the front of the Birch wood tag.

9. Spritz a muslin bag with Colorbox Putty Spritzer and the Colorbox Chevron Art Screen. To create a window opening like we did on our muslin bag lay the Chevron Art Screen over the muslin bag, then lay a 3″ circle over the Chevron Art Screen before your spritz.  See photos below.

10. Let the muslin bag dry. Stamp the ‘State’ image from the Colorbox Boston Souvenir Stamp set in Fudge Colorbox Surfacez ink onto the circle opening on the muslin bag.

11. Spray fix your bag to keep the various ink from smudging. Fill your bag with the 24 stamped game pieces and attached the tag.

12. Play your game!

Real Wood Labels

Real Wood Designer Labels

Last week we revealed the awesome new lines of real wood products. Today we are back to show you more inspiration using our real Wood Labels. The label sheet features 26 unique designs. These shapes are great for card making, packaging, scrapbooking and general crafting.

Today’s project features adhesive backed Birch wood design labels. These labels are a great way to seal a gift or package.

Supplies for ‘Treat boxes using design Labels’: Birch Wood design Labels, Cherry Wood paper, light blue card stock, 5″x5″ craft boxes, ‘Bon Appétit’ stamp, brown ink, label punch and adhesive.

Treat boxes using design Labels’ instructions:

1. Gather up craft treat boxes and fill with treats.

2. Peal off a Birch Wood design label from the label sheet and seal and wrap box opening. Any design Label shape will work.

3. Cut a piece of light blue card stock to 2.5″ by .5″ inch. Flag each end with scissors and adhere to top of box covering the Birch Wood design label.

4. Stamp ‘Bon Appétit’ in brown ink onto a piece of Real Cherry wood. Punch out using a label punch and adhere to the top of the 2.5″ by .5″ inch piece of light blue card stock.