Decorating for Easter – Bitty Banner

How cute is the little Easter Egg Banner?!

We find decorating for Easter really refreshing. Even more refreshing is crafting for Easter. The colors and themes are always so fun and cheery. This week we are sharing this little bitty Easter egg banner that is a darling addition to your Easter Decor. This Easter banner is easy to create with a few simple supplies. Directions and supplies are listed below.

Easter Egg Banner Supplies:

Real Cherry Wood paper, pattern paper, yellow card stock, scallop paper punch, pink baker’s twine, mini wood clothespins, crape paper carrots (found at the dollar spot in Target), hole punch, adhesive and scissors.


  1. Cut 6 pieces Real Cherry Wood paper to measure 4″ x 2″. Cut a triangle flag shape on the bottom of each wood piece.
  2. Cut 6 egg shapes from a sheet of pattern paper. Adhere each egg to each 4″ x 2″ wood piece with foam adhesive.
  3. Cut 6 pieces of yellow card stock to 2″ x 1″. Border one edge of each piece using a scallop border punch.
  4. Adhere scalloped yellow card stock to top of 4″ x 2″ Cherry Wood piece, approximately 1/2″ down. Folder over to backside of Cherry Wood paper and adhere.
  5. Punch a hole in each top corner of assembled banner piece.
  6. Arrange banner on desk. Alternate banner piece with crape paper carrot piece (or any other Easter themed item).
  7. Thread pink baker’s twine through banner and carrots.

Real Wood Boo Banner

Gather up all your random Halloween and paper ephemera to create a spooky mixed media banner. We used Rustic Birch Wood paper as our banner base and went a little crazy adding bits and pieces of old games, craft goodies and Halloween items. Anything goes!


Supplies for Real Wood Boo Banner: Rustic Birch Wood paper, Birch Wood paper, Birch Wood ARC Labels, triangle chipboard banner shapes (5), random Halloween ephemera, random old game pieces, tags, twine, Halloween pattern paper, black card stock, black and orange brads, clips, buttons, washi tape, hole punch, scissors, electronic cutter, BOO cut file, hot glue and adhesive.

Instructions for the Real Wood Boo Banner:

Use supplies and items you have on hand to recreate a similar BOO Banner. Nothing is off limits. Have fun and experiment. Start with Rustic Birch Wood paper as your banner base and add items until you like your results.

1. Adhere Rustic Birch Wood paper to the five chipboard banner pieces. Trim Rustic Birch Wood paper as needed.

2. Punch a hole in the top left and right corners of each banner.

3. Typeset a BOO file import into your e-cutter software.

4. Cut out the word BOO onto a sheet of black card stock using an electronic cutter. Cut out the word BOO onto a sheet of Birch Wood paper using an electronic cutter. Adhere the Birch Wood paper BOO to the top of the black card stock BOO.

5. Decorate each banner piece with random Birch Wood ARC Labels, Halloween ephemera, pattern paper, brads, buttons and game pieces. Arrange pieces and adhere in place.

6. Add random tags to separate each banner piece.

7. Attach banner together using twine, brads and hot glue.

Patriotic Wood Banner

Red,White & Wood! Get crafty and make a patriotic summer decoration with Wood just in time for 4th of July. This banner can be used for birthdays, school events, graduation, Presidents Day and all kinds of celebrations from Fourth of July to Memorial Day. Happy Fourth of July and God bless the U.S.A!

Supplies for the Red, White and Wood Banner: Birch Wood Paper, burlap fabric, red stamp ink, blue stamp ink, star punch, stripe stamp, scissors, canvas twine, baby wipes, mini clothes pins, hot glue and glue gun.

Instructions for the Red, White and Wood  Banner:

1. Cut 12 banner triangles from  Birch wood—roughly 4″ high by 2.5″ wide.

2. Take 4 Birch Wood Banner triangles and punch a star out of the center of each. Set 3 punched Birch Wood stars aside.

3. Stamp stripes in red ink onto 8 Birch Wood Banner triangles.

4. Cut 3 burlap fabric rectangles to 2.5″ x 4″.

5. Cut Birch Wood into 15 pieces sized 3″ x .5″ .

6. Take a baby wipe and dip into blue stamp ink. Wipe blue ink onto the Birch Wood (15 pieces from step 5, and 3 punched stars from step 2).

7. Apply the blue Birch Wood pieces to the top of each triangle banner piece with hot glue.

8. Adhere the Birch Wood blue stars to each fabric burlap piece with hot glue.

9. Put the banner pieces in order. See photo for suggested order placement. Attach canvas twine with hot glue to the back of each banner piece. Tip: stack banner pieces in order so it’s easy to glue one piece right after another.

10. Attach a mini clothes pin to each end of the banner and hang.

Real Cherry Wood Home banner

Want the look of wood without the weight of wood? Wood paper is thin, lightweight and mounts perfectly to other lightweight surfaces. We created this Home banner using Cherry Wood paper and adhered it to a piece of recycled cardboard. Attach the banner to a wreath and you’ll have a welcoming home decor piece.

Supplies for the ‘Home Banner’: Cherry Adhesive Wood Sheet, Home decor vinyl, scrap cardboard, pencil, hobby blade and ruler.

Instruction for the ‘Home Banner’:

1. Cut a piece of scrap cardboard to 8.5″ x 11″.

2. Remove the adhesive liner and mount the sheet of Cherry Wood onto the piece of cardboard.

3. Transfer the vinyl home decor piece directly to the Cherry Wood.

4. With a pencil and ruler lightly draw a banner shape around the Cherry wood and Home sentiment. See project photo for suggested placement.

5. With a hobby blade and ruler cut out the banner shape. Tip: thick cardboard can be tricky to cut. Be sure to start with a sharp hobby blade. Cut lightly and slowly with the hobby blade using the ruler as your guide. Repeat the cut deeper and deeper with each pass until you have a clean cut through the cardboard.

Burlap Love Wreath

We love decorating with real wood, and making wonderful wreaths featuring real wood. Today we’d love to share this Burlap LOVE Wreath featuring Rustic Cherry Wood sheets,  Birch Wood and Cherry Wood Labels.

Supplies for the ‘Burlap Love Wreath’: Rustic Cherry 6″x12″ adhesive sheets, Cherry Wood Paper, Cherry Wood Tape, White Birch Paper, Birch Wood Labels, Cherry Wood Labels, Floral frame wreath, 4-5″ Burlap Ribbon (30″), Floral wire, Burlap string, Printed burlap ribbon, Red card stock, Chipboard (12×12), 1″white glitter chipboard letters, Craft paper straws (2), Scissors, 1/8” hole punch, Big Shot die-cutting machine, 3” and 2-3/4” banner shape dies, Hot glue and Adhesive.

Instructions for ‘Burlap Love Wreath’:

To create wreath base:

  1. Twist floral wire around end of burlap ribbon and attach to back of wire wreath frame.
  2. Wrap and weave burlap through wire frame creating a gathered and puckered look. Tack/tie down from back side with floral wire to achieve desired look. Set aside.

To create LOVE banner:

  1. Die-cut four red cardstock banner pieces using the 3″ banner shape die and the big shot die-cutting machine. Set aside.
  2. Remove adhesive liner and adhere a piece of  Rustic Cherry paper to a piece of chipboard.
  3. Die-cut four Rustic Cherry pieces using the 2-3/4″ banner shape die and the big shot die-cutting machine. Adhere each piece to each red card stock banner piece.
  4. Use four hearts from  Cherry Wood Labels and adhere to each of the  Rustic Cherry banners.
  5. Adhere 1″ white glitter letters (L,O,V,E) onto the  Cherry Wood paper hearts.
  6. Punch a hole in the left and right top corners of each assembled banner piece using a 1/8″ hole punch.
  7. Tie each assembled banner piece together using burlap string to spell out the word LOVE. Leave a 4″ burlap string tail on each end. Set assembled banner aside.

To create paper straw arrow:

  1. Align two craft paper straws together creating one long straw. Take 2 inches of Cherry wood Tape and wrap around seam where two straws meet to adhere straws together and hide the seam.
  2. Take 2″ of Cherry Wood Tape and wrap around straw 2 inches above the center seam wrap. Take 2″ of Cherry Wood Tape and wrap around straw 2″ below the center seam wrap.
  3. Cut two pieces of 2″  Cherry wood tape. Remove liner and adhere back-to-back, sandwiching the end of the straw in between each piece of tape. Press together. Hand cut feather quills from  Cherry Wood Tape.
  4. Cut one piece of 2″ Cherry wood tape and cut in half lengthwise. Remove liner and adhere back-to-back above the tail quill piece, sandwiching the straw in between each piece of tape. Press together. Hand cut feather quills from Cherry Wood Tape.
  5. Use two hearts from White Birch Wood Labels. Adhere to straw tip with hot glue sandwiching straw tip in between each heart piece.

Assemble Wreath:

  1. Tie each end of LOVE banner to the tip and end of the paper straw arrow.
  2. Arrange arrow and LOVE banner onto burlap wreath at a slight angle.
  3. Using floral wire attach arrow to burlap wreath.
  4. Tack down LOVE banner with hot glue where needed.
  5. Tie two 6″ pieces of stripped burlap ribbon to back of floral wire wreath frame. Tie end together. Hang.

Sharing more love! We loved the arrow on our wreath so much we thought it would make an excellent little valentine. You can make this extra simple valentine project using Cherry wood sheets, Birch Wood Design Labels and paper straws.

Supplies for the arrows: Cherry Wood Sheets, White Birch  Design Labels, White card stock, Craft paper straws, Heart punch, Scissors, Printer, and Hot glue.

Instructions for the arrows:

  1. Cut two pieces of 2″ Cherry wood tape. Remove liner and adhere back-to-back, sandwiching the end of the straw in between each piece of tape. Press together. Hand cut feather quills from Cherry Wood Tape.
  2. Cut one piece of 2″ Cherry wood tape and cut in half lengthwise. Remove liner and adhere back-to-back above the tail quill piece, sandwiching the straw in between each piece of tape. Press together. Hand cut feather quills from Cherry Wood Tape.
  3. Use two hearts from White Birch Wood Labels. Adhere to straw tip with hot glue sandwiching straw tip in between each heart piece.
  4. Add a Valentine saying. Typeset the phrase “wood you be mine?” and print onto white card stock. Hand cut into a flag shape and wrap around straw.

Deck the Halls with Real Wood Tape

Happy Holidays! It’s December 1st. To countdown this festive month we’ve taken a traditional idea and improved it with the use of Wood Tape. Christmas chains are fun to make and fun to tear apart day by day. Simply line each piece of wood tape with your favorite holiday patterned paper and assemble your chain. Detailed instructions below.

Supplies for the Real Wood Tape Christmas chain countdown: 1 roll of Cherry Wood Tape, 1 Roll of Birch Wood Tape, Holiday pattern paper and a stapler.

Instructions for the Wood Tape Christmas chain countdown:

1. Cut 25 – 6″ strips of Cherry and  Birch Wood Tape.

2. Cut 25 – 6″x1″ strips of Holiday pattern paper.

3. Remove the Wood Tape liner and line the back of each strip of Cherry and Birch Tape with the holiday paper.

4. Roll first piece of lined  Birch Wood Tape and staple to create a small circle shape.

5. Roll second piece of lined  Cherry Wood Tape through first small circle and staple to create a second small circle shape.

6. Repeat set #6 for the remaining 23 pieces of line Wood Tape, alternating tape and holiday paper to get the look you desire.

Real Wood Halloween Banner

We are back with more fun Halloween decor using Real wood. We have created this Halloween banner using a roll of Rustic Cherry Wood paper. The Rustic Cherry wood paper serves as a great base for our Halloween letters and gives our banner a spooky tree and haunted woods vibe.

Supplies for the Rustic Wood Halloween Banner: Rustic Cherry Wood Roll, two 12×12 sheets of orange chevron paper, two 12×12 sheets of black halloween paper, one 12×12 sheet of HALLOWEEN letters (we used Teresa Collins Masquerade paper), black lace ribbon, two black clothespins, foam tape adhesive, and a mini stapler.

Instructions for the Rustic Wood Halloween Banner:

1. Cut out nine 4″ x 5″ pieces from the Rustic Cherry wood roll.

2. Cut out nine 4″ x 3.5″ pieces from the orange chevron patterned paper.

3. Cut out nine 4″ x 3.5″ pieces from the black Halloween patterned paper.

4. Remove the adhesive liner from the back of the Rustic Cherry wood and adhere to the orange chevron and the black Halloween paper leaving 1″ of the patterned paper showing on the top and the bottom. Repeat this process 9 times to created your banner pieces. See photo below.

5. Cut out the HALLOWEEN letters. You will have nine 3″x3″ square letters.

6. Adhere each letter to the Rustic Cherry wood using foam tape. Center each letter from top to bottom and left to right.

7. Cut eight 2″ pieces of black lace ribbon. Attach each letter together using the black lace ribbon and a stapler until you’ve spelled out the word Halloween.

8. Cut two 12″ pieces of black lace ribbon. Staple the ribbon to each end of the banner (the H and the N).

9. Attached two black clothespins to the corners of the H and the N banner pieces.

10. Hang banner.

Real Wood Halloween Decor

October is upon us and we are decorating for Halloween. This week’s Wood project inspiration looks so professional framed and would look great highlighted in the middle of a wreath. The Skull was created using a skull stencil, acrylic paint and a sheet of Cherry wood. We used Birch wood tape to create the SPOOK banner.

Supplies for the ‘SPOOK Skull’ home decor: Cherry Wood Sheet, Birch wood tape, skull stencil, black acrylic paint, sponge daubers, black and white baker’s twine, alphabet stamp set, black sta-zon ink, scissors and black ceramic frame.

Skull Instructions:

1. Determine frame window size. Our frame window is 5″ x 7″. Cut a piece of Cherry wood to 5″ x 7″ or the window size of your frame.

2. Arrange the skull stencil onto the 5″x7″ piece of Cherry wood and tape down.

3. Slowly sponge black acrylic paint onto the stencil. Tip: We did many tests-if the paint was too thick or wet it bled through our stencil. We had the best luck using a sponge dauber and dry daubing acrylic paint slowly over the stencil image.

4. Let dry and then remove the stencil from the Cherry wood. Lightly touch up areas if needed.

5. Insert the stenciled piece of Cherry wood into the frame.

Spook Banner Instructions:

1. Cut five pieces of Birch wood tape 4 inches long.

2. Fold each piece of Birch wood tape in half before you remove the liner. This will help score the Birch wood tape and provide a mark to where the baker’s twine should go.

3. Cut an 18″ piece of black and white baker’s twine.

4. Remove the liner from one piece of Birch wood tape. Line up the baker’s twine onto the folded line. The Birch wood tape adhesive should keep it in place. Fold over the Birch wood tape and sandwich the baker’s twine. Repeat this process with the remaining four pieces of Birch wood tape. Tip: Start in the center of the baker’s twine and evenly space each Birch wood tape piece outward to the left and right.

5. Using an alphabet stamp set and black sta-zon ink, stamp each letter onto each  Birch wood tape banner piece.

6. Snip the ends of each Birch wood tape banner piece with scissors into a flag shape.

7. Drape and tie banner ends down to opposite ends of the frame. See photo for suggested placement.

American Flag made with Real Wood Tape

We are back this week with another fun home decor project—just in time for your July 4th festivities! This Wood American Flag project came together quickly using Wood Tape and Cherry Wood Sheets. Now onto fireworks!

Supplies for ‘American Flag’ Home Decor piece: Cherry Wood Adhesive Sheet, Birch Wood tape, Cherry Wood Tape, Chipboard (11″x19″), small star punch, hobby blade, ruler and scissors.

‘American Flag’ Instructions:

1. Use a piece of 11″x19″ Chipboard as the flag base.

2. Starting at the bottom of the chipboard base run a stripe of Cherry Wood Tape from end to end, leaving a little overhang on each side (approx. 19.5″). Repeat the same process with a stripe of Birch Wood tape.

3. Cut a piece of Cherry Wood to 5″ x 7″ and adhere in top left corner of chipboard base.

4. Starting from the right edge of the 5″x7″ piece of Cherry Wood adhere more tape. Continue to alternate stripes of Cherry Wood Tape and Birch Wood tape until the chipboard base is completely covered.

5. From the backside of the flag trim the overhanging edges of the Wood Tape with a hobby blade and a ruler.

6. Using Birch Wood tape punch out 50 stars using a small star punch.

7. Using a ruler space out and line up 10 Birch Wood tape stars from left to right onto the piece of Cherry Wood. Remove the tape liner from each star and adhere. We started at the bottom and worked our way to the top.

8. Repeat step #6 four more times until all 50 Birch Wood tape stars have been placed onto the flag.

9. Display.

Real Wood Wall Art – Live, Love, Laugh

Create custom home decor pieces with Wood Sheets and Rolls. This week we created this Live, Love, Laugh Wall art piece using a Rustic Cherry Roll, a word stencil and white acrylic paint. This simple and fun project came together in under an hour and adds a little rustic style to our space. We love it! Use wood for your next home decor project.

Supplies for ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ Wall art: Wood Rustic Cherry Roll, Word art stencil, 12″ x 12″ piece of chipboard, White acrylic paint, Sponge dauber, Hobby blade and cutting mat, Grommets, Crop-a-dile or grommet setter, Tape and Ribbon.

‘Live, Laugh, Love’ Wall Art Instructions:

1. Gather your supplies; Word Art Stencil, Wood Rustic Cherry Roll, and Tape.

2. Unroll the 12″ x 24″ Wood Rustic Cherry Roll and decide which portion you want to stencil with your word art. Arrange stencil and tape down.

3. Using acrylic paint and a sponge dauber, lightly daub paint into the stencil area. Take care not to move the stencil.

4. Let dry and carefully remove stencil from Wood Rustic Cherry art piece.

5. Peel away backing paper from the stenciled piece of Wood Rustic Cherry Roll. Center and adhere Wood Rustic Cherry Roll to a precut 12”x12” piece of chipboard. Trim excess Wood Rustic Cherry Roll so art piece is 12″x12″.

6. Using a crop-a-dile or grommet setter, set a grommet into each top corner of the Wood Rustic Cherry art piece.

7. Thread ribbon through front side of grommets and tie a knot.

8. Hang and display.