Spring Birch Wood Embellishments – treat and handmade card

Spring Birch Wood Embellishments – treat and handmade card

Creating custom handmade wood embellishments is super easy with our Birch Wood paper. Wood paper embellishments are flat and lightweight since they are made from paper. Easily add wood embellishments to any project you are working on. We added Birch Wood flowers to this Spring treat and Easter card.

Share a little spring treat that has homemade flair. These jelly bean bags are super easy to create. We quickly made 20 bags to drop around to our friends and family.

Treat Bag Supplies:

Real Birch Wood Paper, 3×3 cellophane bags, Concord & 9th Floral & Flutter dies.


  1. Fill a 3×3 cellophane bag with jelly beans and seal.
  2. Die cut the Flower image from the Floral and Flutter dies in Real Birch Wood paper.
  3. Remove the adhesive liner from the Real Birch Wood paper and adhere to the front of the cellophane bag.


Happy Easter Card Supplies:

Real Birch Wood Paper, Concord & 9th Floral & Flutter dies, Concord & 9th Sophisticated Script stamp set, pink card stock, dark pink card stock, white card stock, white ink, pink ink, gray ink, floral background stamp, Rubarb Nuvo Crystal drops, pink twine, scissors and foam adhesive.

Decorating for Easter – Bitty Banner

How cute is the little Easter Egg Banner?!

We find decorating for Easter really refreshing. Even more refreshing is crafting for Easter. The colors and themes are always so fun and cheery. This week we are sharing this little bitty Easter egg banner that is a darling addition to your Easter Decor. This Easter banner is easy to create with a few simple supplies. Directions and supplies are listed below.

Easter Egg Banner Supplies:

Real Cherry Wood paper, pattern paper, yellow card stock, scallop paper punch, pink baker’s twine, mini wood clothespins, crape paper carrots (found at the dollar spot in Target), hole punch, adhesive and scissors.


  1. Cut 6 pieces Real Cherry Wood paper to measure 4″ x 2″. Cut a triangle flag shape on the bottom of each wood piece.
  2. Cut 6 egg shapes from a sheet of pattern paper. Adhere each egg to each 4″ x 2″ wood piece with foam adhesive.
  3. Cut 6 pieces of yellow card stock to 2″ x 1″. Border one edge of each piece using a scallop border punch.
  4. Adhere scalloped yellow card stock to top of 4″ x 2″ Cherry Wood piece, approximately 1/2″ down. Folder over to backside of Cherry Wood paper and adhere.
  5. Punch a hole in each top corner of assembled banner piece.
  6. Arrange banner on desk. Alternate banner piece with crape paper carrot piece (or any other Easter themed item).
  7. Thread pink baker’s twine through banner and carrots.

Easter Wishes on Wood paper

Happy Easter!

We created these simple, vintage style greeting cards using Birch Wood paper and pastel card stock. This is a super easy DIY that looks professional. We designed the card front easily with vintage clip art found online and then added an Easter message. You can print your own custom design on Wood paper using most home inkjet printers.

We created a few different color versions of this card on pastel card stock. We even added a touch of color to one of the bunny images using a red Chameleon pen in the lightest shade—coloring directly onto the wood paper.

Supplies for Easter Wishes Bunny cards: 8.5″ x 11″ Birch Wood adhesive backed paper, 8.5″ x 11″ Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper, A2 Birch Wood Envelopes, A2 Cherry Wood Envelopes, 4 sheets of pastel card stock (pink, blue, yellow, purple) and Chameleon primary tone pens (optional). Supplies will create 8 cards.

Instructions for Easter Wishes Bunny Cards:

1. Find your desired black and white clip art image. Download image and open in your favorite design program. Add a custom greeting.

2. Set up 4 images of your card front onto an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet.

3. Print design onto a sheet of adhesive backed Cherry and Birch Wood paper.

4. Cut the printed 8.5″ x 11″ sheet in half, and in half again, to create four card fronts that are 4.25″ x 5.5″. Center and trim each image again to 4″ x 5.25″.

5. Cut pastel card bases to 5.5″ x 8.5″. Score and fold in half.

6. Remove adhesive liner from the printed wood paper. Center the wood paper and adhere to the front of the pastel card stock.

7. Optional: color in a bunny image with a red Chameleon pen following the pen instructions to achieve the lightest shade.

8. Pair each card with a matching Birch or Cherry wood envelope.

Real Wood Tape Basket

Weave a stylish and sturdy basket with wood tape—great for gift giving, holding Easter treats, or to help you organize your space.

There are many, many, basket weaving tutorials found online. We were inspired by this tutorial here. It is easy to weave with wood tape. We found that Wood tape, with the backer left on, is extremely flexible and pliable making the weaving experience simple and fun. Our basket took us 45 minutes to complete from start to finish.

Supplies for the ‘Easter Basket’: One roll of Cherry Wood Tape, White Birch Sticky Wood Sheets, coral card stock, Scallop edge punch, Happy Easter Stamp, Coral Ink, Oval Punch, Scissors, paper clips, and glue dots.

‘Basket’ weaving instructions and photos:

1. Using one roll of  Cherry Wood tape, cut eight strips of tape, 16 inches long. Next cut another three strips of tape, 18 inches long – set 18 inch strips aside

2. Flip the eight 16″ strips of Cherry Wood tape over with the backing left on and facing up. Place 4 strips vertical on a flat surface. Weave the first piece starting from the bottom left corner, over, under, over, under. Repeat this process with remaining 3 strips. Straighten and center the weaving to the middle of the strips.

3. This part take a little patience but will create the square shape of your basket. Grab the three 18″ strips of Cherry Wood tape. Taking one piece of 18″ Cherry Wood tape and paper clips start the weaving at the base of the basket. Use the paper clips to temporarily hold the weaving in place until the next row is woven. Weave all four sides tucking and weaving in any excess at the end. Remember – leave the tape backing on so the wood weaves easily and does not stick.

4. Repeat this weaving process with the remaining 2 strips of 18″ Cherry Wood tape. Your basket should be shaped like the image below and should be three strips high. There will be long tails hanging from the top.

5. Next, take each tail and weave it down to toward the inside of the basket – lightly folding the tape at the rim of the basket. At this point we strategically took some of the tape backing off as each tail was woven downward, sticking some of the weaving together. You do not need to do this to complete the basket but we found it helpful to stick and hold certain strips together.

6. Once each tail has been woven downward and into the basket tuck in the ends and remove tape backing as needed to stick into place. Remove any paper clips.

7. Next we will create a basket liner out of coral card stock. This liner will stick to any exposed pieces of sticky tape leaving the inside of your basket smooth and ready to fill with whatever treat you desire. Cut four 4″ x 8″ strips of coral card stock. Using a scallop edge punch, scallop punch one of the 4″ ends of the card stock, repeat with remaining 4″ x 8″ pieces. Score and fold the card stock to fit inside of your basket with a 1/2″ lip of the scallop overhanging the basket. Tack down card stock with glue dots at base of basket as needed.

Basket Step 79. Stamp your Happy Easter image with coral ink onto a piece of White Birch Sticky Wood Sheet. Punch out using an oval punch. Remove liner and adhere to one side of your basket.

10. With your remaining Cherry Wood tape, create a handle. Remove liner and line with coral card stock. Adhere with glue dots to sides of basket.

Happy Spring with Real Wood Bunnies

Today we played around with dry embossing wood sheets. It’s a simple and easy way to add extra depth and detail to any wood sheet.

Supplies for the ‘Thinking of You’ Card: White Birch Wood Sheet, Raspberry Ink, Light Green Ink, Pink Ink, White card stock, light green card stock, Scissors, mini adhesive back pearls, label punch, brocade embossing folder, Big Shot machine, flower stamp(s), flower punch, thinking of you sentiment stamp and clear block, glue dots, and adhesive.

‘Thinking of You’ Card Instructions:

1. Cut light green card stock to 4 x 8″, fold in half to make a square card.

2. Cut a piece of White Birch wood sheet to 4 x 3-3/4″. Using a big shot machine and embossing folder, emboss the White Birch wood sheet.

3. Next grab your label punch and punch out a label shape approximately 1 1/2 inch from the top of the embossed White Birch wood sheet. This will create the window opening for your verse.

4. Remove paper backing and adhere embossed White Birch wood sheet to front of light green card stock, leaving 1/4″ reveal of green on the top and bottom. Trim as needed.

5. Next stamp the Thinking of You sentiment in green into the window opening – taking care to center the image. We used a photopolymer stamp and a clear block for easier alignment.

6. Stamp the flower image twice onto white card stock in light green ink. Repeat this stamping process with once with pink, and twice with raspberry ink.

7. Punch out each flower. You should have 2 light green, 1 pink, and 2 raspberry flowers. Adhere a mini self-adhesive pearl into the center of each flower.

8. Arrange the punched out flowers on either side of the window opening as shown in photo. Adhere them to the embossed White Birch wood sheet with glue dots.

Real wood sheets look wonderful when they are dry embossed. If you like this look check out our previous posts using this embossing technique here and here.

Easter is peaking around the corner and we couldn’t resist adding a few little wood bunnies to our home decor using wood sheets.

Supplies for the ‘Bunnies’ Frame: White Birch Wood Sheet, light green card stock, dark green card stock, white mini pom poms, scissors, pinking scissors, Big Shot machine, alphabet die, simple frame, glue dots, and adhesive.

‘Bunnies’ Frame Instructions:

1. Create the base of your bunny home decor with a piece of 8-1/2″ x 11″ light green card stock.

2. Draw a simple bunny outline on a white piece of scratch paper approximately 2 inches tall. Trace that simple bunny shape three times onto a piece of White Birch wood sheet. Cut out the bunny shape. Note: if drawing a bunny is not your thing you can find many various bunny shapes online as digital files. These files can be used in various e-cutters with wood sheets.

3. With mini glue dots adhere your white pom poms to the rear of each bunny as a tail. Set aside.

4. Cut a piece of dark green card stock 5″ x 3/4″. Then grab your pinking scissors and trim off one edge of the cute green card stock. Set aside.

5. Next grab your Big Shot and alphabet die. Cut out the alphabet letters using a piece of White Birch wood. This will create your HAPPY SPRING phrase. Note: alphabet letters are a fun way to use wood sheets on any project. Cut letters ahead of time and you’ll have wood stickers on hand for your next project.

6. First arrange your bunnies onto the piece of piece of 8-1/2″ x 11″ light green card stock, oriented landscape. Our bunnies are centered from left to right and are placed approximately 4-1/2″ inches up from the bottom of the green card stock.

7. Next remove paper backing and adhere the White Birch wood bunnies. Adhere the cut out piece of dark green card stock on top of the three bunnies, near the “ground” to serve as grass.

8. Arrange your letters onto the light green card stock, (centered under your three bunnies and grass) to spell HAPPY SPRING. Our letters are centered from left to right and are placed approximately 3″ inches up from the bottom of the green card stock.

9. Place in simple frame and enjoy.