Real Wood Halloween Decor

October is upon us and we are decorating for Halloween. This week’s Wood project inspiration looks so professional framed and would look great highlighted in the middle of a wreath. The Skull was created using a skull stencil, acrylic paint and a sheet of Cherry wood. We used Birch wood tape to create the SPOOK banner.

Supplies for the ‘SPOOK Skull’ home decor: Cherry Wood Sheet, Birch wood tape, skull stencil, black acrylic paint, sponge daubers, black and white baker’s twine, alphabet stamp set, black sta-zon ink, scissors and black ceramic frame.

Skull Instructions:

1. Determine frame window size. Our frame window is 5″ x 7″. Cut a piece of Cherry wood to 5″ x 7″ or the window size of your frame.

2. Arrange the skull stencil onto the 5″x7″ piece of Cherry wood and tape down.

3. Slowly sponge black acrylic paint onto the stencil. Tip: We did many tests-if the paint was too thick or wet it bled through our stencil. We had the best luck using a sponge dauber and dry daubing acrylic paint slowly over the stencil image.

4. Let dry and then remove the stencil from the Cherry wood. Lightly touch up areas if needed.

5. Insert the stenciled piece of Cherry wood into the frame.

Spook Banner Instructions:

1. Cut five pieces of Birch wood tape 4 inches long.

2. Fold each piece of Birch wood tape in half before you remove the liner. This will help score the Birch wood tape and provide a mark to where the baker’s twine should go.

3. Cut an 18″ piece of black and white baker’s twine.

4. Remove the liner from one piece of Birch wood tape. Line up the baker’s twine onto the folded line. The Birch wood tape adhesive should keep it in place. Fold over the Birch wood tape and sandwich the baker’s twine. Repeat this process with the remaining four pieces of Birch wood tape. Tip: Start in the center of the baker’s twine and evenly space each Birch wood tape piece outward to the left and right.

5. Using an alphabet stamp set and black sta-zon ink, stamp each letter onto each  Birch wood tape banner piece.

6. Snip the ends of each Birch wood tape banner piece with scissors into a flag shape.

7. Drape and tie banner ends down to opposite ends of the frame. See photo for suggested placement.

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