Real Wood Wall Art – Live, Love, Laugh

Create custom home decor pieces with Wood Sheets and Rolls. This week we created this Live, Love, Laugh Wall art piece using a Rustic Cherry Roll, a word stencil and white acrylic paint. This simple and fun project came together in under an hour and adds a little rustic style to our space. We love it! Use wood for your next home decor project.

Supplies for ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ Wall art: Wood Rustic Cherry Roll, Word art stencil, 12″ x 12″ piece of chipboard, White acrylic paint, Sponge dauber, Hobby blade and cutting mat, Grommets, Crop-a-dile or grommet setter, Tape and Ribbon.

‘Live, Laugh, Love’ Wall Art Instructions:

1. Gather your supplies; Word Art Stencil, Wood Rustic Cherry Roll, and Tape.

2. Unroll the 12″ x 24″ Wood Rustic Cherry Roll and decide which portion you want to stencil with your word art. Arrange stencil and tape down.

3. Using acrylic paint and a sponge dauber, lightly daub paint into the stencil area. Take care not to move the stencil.

4. Let dry and carefully remove stencil from Wood Rustic Cherry art piece.

5. Peel away backing paper from the stenciled piece of Wood Rustic Cherry Roll. Center and adhere Wood Rustic Cherry Roll to a precut 12”x12” piece of chipboard. Trim excess Wood Rustic Cherry Roll so art piece is 12″x12″.

6. Using a crop-a-dile or grommet setter, set a grommet into each top corner of the Wood Rustic Cherry art piece.

7. Thread ribbon through front side of grommets and tie a knot.

8. Hang and display.

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