American Flag made with Real Wood Tape

We are back this week with another fun home decor project—just in time for your July 4th festivities! This Wood American Flag project came together quickly using Wood Tape and Cherry Wood Sheets. Now onto fireworks!

Supplies for ‘American Flag’ Home Decor piece: Cherry Wood Adhesive Sheet, Birch Wood tape, Cherry Wood Tape, Chipboard (11″x19″), small star punch, hobby blade, ruler and scissors.

‘American Flag’ Instructions:

1. Use a piece of 11″x19″ Chipboard as the flag base.

2. Starting at the bottom of the chipboard base run a stripe of Cherry Wood Tape from end to end, leaving a little overhang on each side (approx. 19.5″). Repeat the same process with a stripe of Birch Wood tape.

3. Cut a piece of Cherry Wood to 5″ x 7″ and adhere in top left corner of chipboard base.

4. Starting from the right edge of the 5″x7″ piece of Cherry Wood adhere more tape. Continue to alternate stripes of Cherry Wood Tape and Birch Wood tape until the chipboard base is completely covered.

5. From the backside of the flag trim the overhanging edges of the Wood Tape with a hobby blade and a ruler.

6. Using Birch Wood tape punch out 50 stars using a small star punch.

7. Using a ruler space out and line up 10 Birch Wood tape stars from left to right onto the piece of Cherry Wood. Remove the tape liner from each star and adhere. We started at the bottom and worked our way to the top.

8. Repeat step #6 four more times until all 50 Birch Wood tape stars have been placed onto the flag.

9. Display.

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