Real Wood Halloween Banner

We are back with more fun Halloween decor using Real wood. We have created this Halloween banner using a roll of Rustic Cherry Wood paper. The Rustic Cherry wood paper serves as a great base for our Halloween letters and gives our banner a spooky tree and haunted woods vibe.

Supplies for the Rustic Wood Halloween Banner: Rustic Cherry Wood Roll, two 12×12 sheets of orange chevron paper, two 12×12 sheets of black halloween paper, one 12×12 sheet of HALLOWEEN letters (we used Teresa Collins Masquerade paper), black lace ribbon, two black clothespins, foam tape adhesive, and a mini stapler.

Instructions for the Rustic Wood Halloween Banner:

1. Cut out nine 4″ x 5″ pieces from the Rustic Cherry wood roll.

2. Cut out nine 4″ x 3.5″ pieces from the orange chevron patterned paper.

3. Cut out nine 4″ x 3.5″ pieces from the black Halloween patterned paper.

4. Remove the adhesive liner from the back of the Rustic Cherry wood and adhere to the orange chevron and the black Halloween paper leaving 1″ of the patterned paper showing on the top and the bottom. Repeat this process 9 times to created your banner pieces. See photo below.

5. Cut out the HALLOWEEN letters. You will have nine 3″x3″ square letters.

6. Adhere each letter to the Rustic Cherry wood using foam tape. Center each letter from top to bottom and left to right.

7. Cut eight 2″ pieces of black lace ribbon. Attach each letter together using the black lace ribbon and a stapler until you’ve spelled out the word Halloween.

8. Cut two 12″ pieces of black lace ribbon. Staple the ribbon to each end of the banner (the H and the N).

9. Attached two black clothespins to the corners of the H and the N banner pieces.

10. Hang banner.

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