Real Wood Paper Pumpkins

Bring the texture of wood indoors with this simple fall decorating idea. These little Real Wood paper pumpkins are adorable and are made from Cherry Wood paper and Birch Wood paper. Quick and easy step by step instructions are listed out below.

Supplies for the Wood Paper Pumpkins: Cherry Wood Paper, Birch Wood paper, light green card stock, dark green card stock, dark green ink, leaf stamp, leaf punch, linen thread, various sizes of circle punches, 1″ scallop circle punch, adhesive, scissors, and hot glue.

Instructions for one Wood Paper Pumpkin:

1. Punch out 12 to 15 circles from Cherry wood. We used a 2″ circle punch to create the medium sized pumpkin.

2. Trim off the bottom 1/8 of every circle. Each Real Wood circle will have a flat base. Circle shapes should look like above image.

3. Lightly score and fold all Real Wood circles in half.

4. Add hot glue to one half of a Real Wood circle and adhere to another circle. Note, only one side of each circle should be adhered together. See photo below.

5. Continue adding and glueing down half circles until you get to half of your desired pumpkin shape. Remember to only glue down one half the circle shape each time you add a circle.

6. Roll the light green card stock into a small tube shape and glue. The tube length should be sized just larger than your pumpkin to create a stem. The tube length for the medium sized pumpkin is 2.5″.

7. Lay the first half of the pumpkin around the light green tube stem. The stem should fit in the center of the circle pumpkin shape. Once stem is centered in the pumpkin adhere in place.

8. Continue adding and glueing down half circles until you get the second half of your desired pumpkin shape. Glue both halves of the pumpkin together, sandwiching the stem in the center.


9. Punch out a scallop circle punch from Birch wood. Punch out or cut a small circle hole into the center of the Birch wood scallop shape. Slide the scallop shape over the top of the stem. Adhere in place.

10. Stamp leaves in dark green ink onto dark green card stock and punch out with matching leaf punch. Adhere to pumpkin near stem.

11. Tie a simple bow around stem using linen thread.

12. Repeat the process with various sizes of circles to create more pumpkins. Note – larger pumpkins require more circles to look full.

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