Real Wood Fall Leaf Wreath

The wood textures and tones on our Real Wood products compliment fall perfectly. Our inspiration this week is a woodsy fall wreath. This wreath evokes a warm and cozy feel – perfect for welcoming fall. Our fall wreath uses various finishes, can you spot all of the different of wood papers and tapes?

Supplies for Fall Wreath: Cherry Wood 8.5X11 Sheet , Cherry Wood Tape, White Birch Wood Tape, White Birch 12×24 Adhesive Roll, Rustic White Birch 12×24 Adhesive Roll, Cherry 12×24 Adhesive Roll, Rustic Cherry 12×24 Adhesive Roll, small foam wreath base, 1-1/4 inch striped ribbon, 1/5 inch burgundy ribbon, small pinecones, small plastic berries, various leaf dies and a die cutting machine, alphabet stamp set and burgundy ink, hot glue and glue gun and scissors

Directions for Fall Wreath:

1. Wrap foam wreath with Cherry Wood tape. Cover wreath completely.

2. Cut out leaves from a variety of wood sheets and rolls using leaf dies and a die cutting machine. You will need approximately 30 leaves (5 Cherry, 5 Rustic Cherry, 5 White Birch, 5 Rustic White Birch).

3. Arrange leaves onto right side of wreath and glue down with hot glue.

4. Wooden flowers: Adhere two 6×6 pieces of wood sheets back to back. Cut a spiral shape. Twist, turn and shape spiral into a flower and adhere together with hot glue. Create wooden shapes for flower centers and glue down. Fill empty flower centers with plastic berries. Create 3 flowers using White Birch (1) and Cherry(2) adhesive rolls.

5. Arrange flowers and pinecones onto wreath and adhere. See example.

6. FALL ribbon banner: Adhere two 15 inch pieces of Birch Wood tape back to back. Cut a V flag shape at each end. Roll, fold and glue wood ribbon to create a banner shape. Stamp FALL in the center of ribbon banner using burgundy ink.

7. Adhere ribbon banner and more pinecones onto wreath.

8. Tie ribbons to wreath to hang and display.

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