Deck the Halls with Real Wood Tape

Happy Holidays! It’s December 1st. To countdown this festive month we’ve taken a traditional idea and improved it with the use of Wood Tape. Christmas chains are fun to make and fun to tear apart day by day. Simply line each piece of wood tape with your favorite holiday patterned paper and assemble your chain. Detailed instructions below.

Supplies for the Real Wood Tape Christmas chain countdown: 1 roll of Cherry Wood Tape, 1 Roll of Birch Wood Tape, Holiday pattern paper and a stapler.

Instructions for the Wood Tape Christmas chain countdown:

1. Cut 25 – 6″ strips of Cherry and  Birch Wood Tape.

2. Cut 25 – 6″x1″ strips of Holiday pattern paper.

3. Remove the Wood Tape liner and line the back of each strip of Cherry and Birch Tape with the holiday paper.

4. Roll first piece of lined  Birch Wood Tape and staple to create a small circle shape.

5. Roll second piece of lined  Cherry Wood Tape through first small circle and staple to create a second small circle shape.

6. Repeat set #6 for the remaining 23 pieces of line Wood Tape, alternating tape and holiday paper to get the look you desire.

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