Berry Basket with Real Wood label

Summer parties and BBQs sometimes call for a simple hostess gift. Pull this cute gift idea together quickly with fruits from your garden or local farmer’s market, a berry basket and incorporate Cherry Wood into the label gift tag.

Supplies for the Cherry Wood raspberry fruit label and basket: Cherry Wood Paper, berry basket, berries, chipboard, berry label or create your own, washi tape, label die, manual die-cut machine, foam adhesive, scissors, ruler and hobby blade.

Instructions for creating Cherry Wood raspberry fruit label:

1. Measure fruit basket. Cut chipboard label base to the dimension of one basket side. In our case the dimension is 4″ x 6″.

2. Using a ruler and hobby blade taper the bottom edges of the chipboard so it will easily slide into the basket.  Round chipboard corners with scissors.

3. Die-cut a label shape from Cherry Wood paper or use a larger label from our Wood Cherry labels.

4. Wrap washi tape around the center of the Cherry Wood paper label.

5. Center and mount  Cherry Wood paper label to chipboard using foam adhesive.

6. Cut out existing tag from fruit packaging or create your own from pattern paper or clip art.

7. Center and mount fruit label to Cherry Wood paper using foam adhesive.

7. Insert fruit label into fruit basket

8. Fill basket with fruit.

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