Real Wood Bookmarks

MARK the Spot.

Do you need a new bookmark to aide in your summer reading? We created these 2″x6″ Wood bookmarks with an inspirational quote and a summer design. Wood is flat and thin enough to slip inside a book without any bulging and is much sturdier than paper. Printing custom text and designs on Wood is so easy. Wood runs through most printers just like paper. Download our Butterfly Bookmark design or design your own and see how impressive printing on Wood can be.

Supplies for Wood Bookmark: Birch or Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper, inkjet printer, Butterfly Bookmark, hobby blade and ruler.

Instructions for Wood Bookmark:

1. Download Butterfly Bookmark.

2. Print bookmark design onto a 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of Wood paper.

3. Cut out the front and back of the Wood bookmark with a hobby blade and a ruler.

4. Remove adhesive lining from the back of the Wood Bookmarks. Adhere the front and back together. Trim edges as needed.

Butterfly Bookmark

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