Wood paper snowflake garland

It’s time to trim our trees! We created a simple wood snowflake garland to help decorate our tree. We love how Birch Wood paper pairs perfectly with a real fir tree. So natural.

Supplies for Wood Snowflake Garland: Birch Wood paper, Snowflake die, Big Shot, silver cord and hot glue gun.

Instructions to create a Wood Snowflake Garland:

1. Determine desired length of garland. Our garland is 10 feet long. Cut a piece of silver cording to your garland length (10 feet).

2. Using a snowflake die and a Big Shot cut out the desired number of Birch Wood paper snowflakes. Our snowflakes are approximately 3″ x 3″ and we cut out 9 snowflakes.

3. Glue the silver cording to the backside of each die cut snowflake using hot glue.  Tip: Fold silver cording in half to easily determine a middle point. Glue your first snowflake at the middle point. Evenly space and glue additional snowflakes to the left and right of the center snowflake.

4. Hang on tree or display.


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