Happy New Year!

Let’s celebrate! It was a fabulous 2015, and we are so excited for 2016. Great things are coming for ETC Papers in the New Year, and we hope wonderful things are in store for you too.

We created a lighted garland from Birch Wood to make festive celebration decor! You can make just about anything with Wood paper. Happy New Year!

Supplies for Birch Wood paper garland:  Birch wood paper, stringed light lantern cut file, Silhouette e-cutter, hot glue and a string of lights.

Instructions for Birch Wood paper garland:

1. Cut out the garland using this cut file and a Silhouette e-cutter from a sheet of Birch Wood paper. Cut as many garland lanterns as you’d like. We cut 12 for our garland.

2. Assemble each garland piece and adhere together with hot glue. Before assembly, you may need to make the  Birch Wood paper  grain a little more pliable. We used a bone folder to help create a curve in the paper prior to assembly.

3. Inserts lights from a string of lights into each assembled lantern to create a garland. We skipped every other light when spacing our lanterns out.

4. Display.


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