EVO Paper & Copic Markers – the perfect match!

Hip Hip Hooray for EVO paper and Copic markers. These two products were meant for each other.

We created this unique rainbow Hooray card in a few easy steps.

  1. Gather a rainbow color assortment of COPIC markers.
  2. Color long stripes of color in rainbow order onto a sheet of EVO Synthetic paper.
  3. Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. We used isopropyl 91, the higher the alcohol count the better.
  4. Spritz the sheet of colored EVO paper directly from overhead, about 12 inches away to create a stipple effect.
  5. Set aside and let dry. EVO paper will dry quickly.
  6. Trim paper and use to create your card project. We die cut the word HOORAY from our Ebony Colorplan cardstock and created a card with our EVO rainbow.


EVO Synthetic Pads


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