Out of this WORLD! EVO Synthetic Paper Play

Space travel and space exploration is all over the news lately and we are HERE for it. The recent photography is so inspiring.

We tried our hand at creating a space galaxy background using EVO Synthetic Paper, Copic Markers, Isporopyl alcohol and a small spray bottle. Below are a few in process shots of how we came up with this cool look.

Step 1: Color using Copic markers directly onto a sheet of EVO Synthetic Paper. We used B99, BG18 and BV08 Copic Markers. Note that any alcohol based marker will work.

Step 2: Fill a small spray bottle with Isporopyl alcohol and mist onto the colors from about 10 inches away. Let the Isporopyl alcohol and the Copic marker ink react.

Step 3: Let ink dry, keep the paper flat to avoid any dripping.

Image shown below is before the ink has completely dried, but after the ink has stopped interacting with the Isporopyl alcohol.

Step 4: Continue the process of coloring and misting. Experiment with misting distance to change up the pattern. Use a sheet of paper as a shield to cover the areas you don’t want to mist as you work through the project. The finish size of this galaxy is 8.5″x11″

Every experiment is different and unique. No two pieces will look alike. Have fun and share your creations with us. Use the hashtag #evoinaction  – We would love to feature your work on our instagram and facebook feeds @etc.papers

EVO Synthetic Paper is available in sheets and pads. Purchase directly through our online store.

EVO Synthetic Pads

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