Pattern Play with EVO Paper – Color lifting with stamps

A little dabbling will do you! We love the creative fulfillment we feel when we are experimenting with inks on EVO paper. This EVO art piece came together in an unexpected way and over a few days. We created a basic background using various blue and green alcohol inks on EVO Synthetic paper. We painted and then let each step dry completely. Each iteration was pretty and unique it’s own way.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

While we liked the direction fo this piece we decided to mix it up. We tried our hand at lifting color from the painted EVO background using a rubber stamp. In this case we used a line art leaf image. We stamped the leaf image in a paper towel soaked with Isopropyl alcohol and then quickly stamped directly onto the painted EVO paper. The alcohol transferred the image and repelled the ink in a subtle ethereal way.

What do you think? We love the beautiful colors and unique pattern created with the leaf stamp. This piece is a work in progress …


EVO Synthetic Pads


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