Playing with EVO Synthetic Paper – Ink Smooshing

It’s really difficult to achieve identical looks when creating on EVO synthetic paper. Each EVO piece is unique and we love that! Our paper is so smooth that the ink can flow in unpredictable ways. The more you play and understand how to paint on EVO the more you can control the outcome.
For this piece our goal was to get two painted EVO backgrounds with a similar color pattern. First, we created a juicy background with loads of alcohol ink on a 5×7 inch sheet of EVO synthetic paper. Second, we placed another sheet of 5×7 EVO paper directly on top of that sheet and “smooshed” the two together. Next, we removed and let the two dry. It worked pretty well! Video process clips can be found on our @etcpapers Instagram account.

Synthetic Paper Never Looked So Good!
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Alcohol Inks & Fun Shapes with EVO.
Once you try for yourself EVO’s unique properties you’ll be hooked!

EVO Synthetic Pads

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