Real Wood Paper Pumpkins

Do you follow the ETC Papers Pinterest board? It’s such a great way to see a bunch of Real Wood paper projects all in one place. We also have a board to gather projects others have made using Real Wood paper. We are often inspired to create projects after using Pinterest. This week we found this great paper pumpkin tutorial and used it as a starting point for a Cherry Wood paper pumpkin. We love the results! This is a perfect centerpiece for our next fall feast.

Supplies for the Cherry Wood Paper Pumpkin: 12″ x 12″ Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper (2), Rustic Cherry Wood paper, Birch Wood paper, green card stock, one large brad, fall pattern paper, wire, buttons, ribbon and green office clip.

We altered the instructions found on to get a larger pumpkin. The steps to create the pumpkin are basically the same.

1. Start with two 12″ x 12″ sheets of Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper.

2. Remove the adhesive and line the back of each sheet of Cherry Wood adhesive backed paper with fall patterned paper. We chose a stripe design in fall colors.

3. Cut twelve 1″ strips from each sheet of Cherry Wood paper for a total of 24 strips 12″ in length.

4. Follow these instructions starting on Step #2 – #10 to create your Wood Paper Pumpkin.

Add a little more Real Wood to your pumpkin! We added Rustic Cherry Wood paper for the pumpkin stem and created leaves made from Birch Wood paper lined with green card stock. Add a few buttons, ribbon and clips to finish your pumpkin off.

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