Grateful for ChalkTalk

Want to create a chalkboard easily? Grab a frame and cover the glass with our ChalkTalk® adhesive roll. So simple. You can create custom chalkboard decor for any occasion. ChalkTalk® has a beautiful quality chalkboard finish on the front side and the back side has adhesive that is easy to place and remove on any flat surface.

Supplies for Give Thanks Chalkboard: ChalkTalk® Roll, frame, ruler, squeegee, hobby blade and chalk.

Instructions for Give Thanks Chalkboard:

1. Measure the interior of your frame.

2. Cut a piece of the ChalkTalk® roll to the interior frame dimensions.

3. Remove the adhesive liner from the back of the ChalkTalk®.

4. Apply the ChalkTalk® to the glass of the frame starting in one corner. Slowly press the ChalkTalk® to the glass with your hand or a squeegee.

5. Draw your image with chalk. ChalkTalk® wipes clean. Practice as much as you’d like until you achieve the desired result.

You may even inspire others to give chalk drawing a try!

Our ChalkTalk® products are versatile and can be used for all sorts of projects. We created name place cards with our ChalkTalk® address labels and a little bit of BARC Wood that has been punched out with a leaf punch. These place cards will be the perfect addition to our Thanksgiving place setting.

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