A Fresh Start – Starting over with EVO

EVO… A fresh start!

We doodled and painted with alcohol inks on a sheet of EVO a while back and did not love the results. We tossed the paper aside to rework for another day. Today was that day! We cleaned off the painted sheet using isopropyl alcohol. We soaked the paper and wiped the ink away. We repeated this process 3 times to get clean sheet. Be advised that some colors are more stubborn to remove than others. Once clean we started fresh! EVO synthetic paper can be so forgiving!
Here’s a look at the paper all cleaned up.

And then we started over. This piece was restarted on a cleaned up sheet of EVO synthetic paper. We painted using blue and green alcohol inks and moved the ink around using an ink air blower.

You’ll love creating with EVO!

✓ BRIGHT WHITE––your colors will shine.
✓ WATER RESISTANT––enhances water, oil, and alcohol-based inks.
✓ TEAR RESISTANT––folds and cuts without tearing or shredding.
✓ FLEXIBLE––feels soft to the touch.
✓ FORGIVING—many inks wipe off clean for easy reuse.
✓ TREE-FREE––fade and chemical resistant, durable and recyclable!

EVO Synthetic Sheets


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