EVO Background Art using Bubble Wrap

Hello! Welcome back friends. This week we are painting on EVO Synthetic Paper using alcohol ink and bubble wrap. Yes, bubble wrap! It’s an interesting “tool” to use but we are loving the various end results.

First we started with two colors of Alcohol Ink: Piñata Señorita Magenta and Tim Holtz Sunshine Yellow. We mixed these two colors together and blended a bit using Isopropyl alcohol on a 5×7 sheet of EVO.

Second we laid a piece of 5×7 bubble wrap directly into the wet ink on the EVO paper.

Look at the beautiful effect once we lifted the bubble wrap from the ink. This piece below is dry. The pattern is so unique.

Third we took the bubble wrap and used it as a stamp to transfer the ink onto a clean piece of EVO paper. The colors transferred beautifully and cleanly. It dried like this.

We continued to “stamp” the bubble wrap into the ink and transfer to the sheet offsetting the wrap slightly for this multi-dot look.

And here is another finished piece. This piece was stamped 5 times. We like the little areas of white that appear and the depth of the various circle.

Have you tried our EVO synthetic paper? We would love to see your experiments. Share them with use using the hashtag #evoinaction or #evosyntheticpaper.

EVO is available through ETC Papers.

EVO Synthetic Pads

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