EVO – a study in purple

It’s crazy hot in our neck of the woods lately but we had a rare afternoon where the outdoor temperatures we so pleasant we took our “work” outside. Our mission was to paint and test all of the purple alcohol inks we had in our arsenal. A study in PURPLE!

We can’t get enough! There are so many fantastic and vibrant inks on the market. And they all look fantastic on EVO paper. Our paper is bright white and colors stay true and vibrant.

Today we played with Piñata Passion Purple, Piñata Señorita Magenta, Ranger Purple Twilight,

We came up with so many unique and interesting patterns. It’s hard to choose a favorite! We did choose one background to create a card (shown above). I’m certain all of these vignettes will get put to good use.



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EVO Synthetic Pads


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