Creating delicate paper embellishments with EVO!

Hello Friends! Do you like to create your own custom embellishments and word art for your projects? We do this all the time but now we have a new secret weapon… EVO Synthetic paper. 
We’ve been creating loads of delicate paper embellishments from our of EVO paper. Want to know why? EVO paper is tear resistant!!! Sometimes regular paper tears when using with a detailed or delicate die shape. It can be tough to remove it from the die. Not with EVO paper. EVO paper is tear resistant giving you that extra bit of needed strength for delicate die cuts. The paper releases from the die like butter. It’s so satisfying to pull out a perfect tiny embellishment. 

We’ve been saving our scraps of painted EVO. These small pieces are great to have on hand for word dies.

Each die cut is unique and stunning and perfect! Endless options with EVO Synthetic Papers.

Check out this video on why EVO Paper might be the right choice for your next project. Watch until the end and you can see Alina try to tear our EVO paper.  🙂

Did you know we have an EVO specific instagram account? Check out @evopapers and give us a follow for specific EVO synthetic paper ideas, tips, tricks and inspiration. We also have a You Tube channel with more EVO ideas.

EVO Synthetic Pads

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