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All you need is a little imagination and the creativity will start flowing. This piece, painted on EVO synthetic paper, came together over a few days. We love how the white ink lays on the paper creating a divide between the pink and purple inks.
Want to play with alcohol inks but don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips to get started:
1. Choose a substrate to paint on. A smooth water proof surface is ideal and EVO synthetic paper is a great choice.
2. Select 2-3 alcohol inks. Choose colors that will mix well together.
3. Gather rubbing alcohol or blending solution and wet the EVO paper. We suggest 95% Isopropyl alcohol. You can wet the paper with a paint brush, ink dropper or simply spray or pour the alcohol directly onto the paper.
4. Add drops of alcohol ink at random. The ink will interact with the rubbing alcohol and the paper creating flowing patterns. You can blow, or tilt the paper to move the ink around.
5. Play and move the ink to your heart’s content.
6. Set aside to dry.
Show us your creations! Tag us on Instagram and hashtag your project #evoinaction – We’d love to see what you make.
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