Happy Thoughts about EVO – The Evolution of Synthetic paper

Hello paper lovers! Have you had a chance to try our EVO Synthetic paper yet? It’s amazing and so many of our online friends are playing with it right now. We are still sending out samples so if you’d like to give this paper a try please send us an email at hello@etcpapers.com and a sample will be sent to you.

Big news! EVO is now available to purchase directly through our website. So exciting. And, not to worry, you can still purchase our EVO through various retailers.

This week we created a simple yet stunning card using a few basic supplies:

We are always amazed at the magical effects alcohol ink has on EVO, it flows and pools in the most wonderful ways.


Polypropylene Uncoated
10 mil, 205 GSM Sheet

Stock Sheet Size:
8.5” x 11”

Stock Pad Sizes:
5” x 7”
9” x 12”
11” x 14”

Custom Sizes available upon request.

Our EVO paper is the evolution of synthetic paper. It’s an excellent choice for mixed-media projects, works well with alcohol-based inks. Provides superior print quality. It’s water-resistant, chemical-resistant, and tear-resistant! Bright white finish, recyclable, easy to cut, score and fold.

This tree-free paper is flexible with a soft-feel to the touch!

Exclusively distributed in the USA by ETC Papers.

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