Ink colors will SHINE! EVO Synthetic Paper


Synthetic paper never looked so good! EVO Paper is engineered especially for fine artists, crafters, makers and mixed media artists.

BRIGHT WHITE––your colors will shine.  
WATER RESISTANT––enhances water, oil, and alcohol-based inks.
TEAR RESISTANT––folds and cuts without tearing or shredding.
FLEXIBLE––feels soft to the touch.
FORGIVINGcan reuse EVO and wipe it off clean and start over…
TREE-FREE––fade and chemical resistant, durable, and recyclable!
We created this ‘congratulations’ card using EVO paper and various bright colors of Piñata alcohol inks. These colors truly shine on this paper and are as vibrant as when they first appear out of the bottle.
We’ve been playing around with alcohol ink lifting. On this piece we lifted the ink off of this painted pattern using a large fine line floral stamp. The effect is so beautiful and creates a bold and bright background. We used this colorful background to create a congratulations card. This card also features colors from our Colorplan Naturals cardstock assortment pack.


Check out EVO synthetic papers today and share your creations with us using the hashtag #evosyntheticpaper

EVO Synthetic Pads


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