Paint a pretty pumpkin using alcohol inks and EVO Synthetic paper

Painting on EVO synthetic paper with alcohol inks can usually be very fluid and freeform. We tried our hand at a little more controlled painting by using a tiny paint brush and letting the ink dry a bit between brush strokes.

First we created a simple circle shape using a drop of Calabaza Orange Alcohol ink on EVO Synthetic paper. We let that circle dry and then we began to move, lift, and manipulate the alcohol ink using isopropyl alcohol.

Bit by bit, a shape and idea came to light and we decided to turn this circle into a pumpkin.

Below are a few photos of the pumpkin as it came to shape.

We added a light blue background and a dark brown foreground.

We experimented with little drip dots in the background and decided to add these to the pumpkin shape as well.

Keeping this dotted theme we added bits to the foreground. Super fun!

We painted a few more pumpkins in this style, experimenting as we went. We encourage you to play! Share your creations with us using the hashtag #evoinaction



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