Hello fold out card

Hello November! Pop up and fold out cards are so fun to receive but can be complicated to create. Today we are excited to share this simple DIY interactive card idea.

Real Birch Wood Paper
Blue masking tape
Jacquard Lumiere Ink
Sponge Dauber
Square White Envelope
Bone folder or scoring tool

1. Take any word and typeset it in your favorite font. Make sure all of your letters connect. We typeset HELLO in Adobe Illustrator and then imported the file into our e-cutter software to cut.
2. Size your word so when folded it is not larger than 3 inches. Our HELLO is 2.75″ tall and 8″ long.
3. Cut your word into a sheet of Real Birch Wood paper.
4. Prepare your word for color. We masked off the Real Birch Wood Hello with blue painter’s tape to leave a small 0.5″ strip of wood exposed along the bottom of the word.
5. Add color to your word. We love the way the Jacquard Lumiere ink looks on our Real Wood paper. We used Halo Pink Gold and a sponge dauber to apply the color.
6. Let ink dry and then remove the painter’s tape mask.
7. Add score lines between letters. Fold and be sure the folded card is no larger than 3″ x 3″.
8. Slip folded HELLO card inside our new Square White Envelopes.

Pinata Alcohol Ink and Wood Paper

Boy have we been experimenting with new mediums on our Wood paper lately. So many options and ways to play with Wood paper. Today we’d like to show you a few projects using Jacquard Piñata Alcohol inks.

Alcohol inks are growing in popularity every day.  Piñata is special because of the highly saturated colors.  Incredibly transparent, alcohol inks are very bright and beautiful because of their ability to let light pass through.  Alcohol inks can be used on virtually any surface, and their ability to stick to non-porous surfaces like plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic is something acrylic paints find difficult.  Alcohol inks are also one of the few things that will stick to wax, which is great for candle painting, and work with encaustic.

ARC Aug 18 Wood Vases


We used these Jacquard Piñata Alcohol inks to stain our Wood paper. Look at all of the various vibrant colors that can be achieved! Alcohol inks dry very quickly and really soak into the wood paper (porous surface). Add a little blending solution or rubbing alcohol to wet the inks again to continue to blend them into the wood paper.

We love how the wood grain shows through all the various colors! Amazing. We applied the Baja Blue to our Cherry Wood tape to create the trendy striped planter.

ARC Aug 18 Tape close up

ARC Aug 18 Jacquard Pinata Ink CARD


Create unique and interesting backgrounds for any craft, art or handmade project. These inks blend and interact with each other in interesting ways, especially on Wood paper. It was such a blast playing with these inks and the uses are endless. We created a small swatch book of the Jacquard Piñata Alcohol inks on our Birch and Cherry wood. Look at how saturated these colors are?!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.34.49 PM

ARC Aug 18 Jacquard Pinata Ink Swatches

ARC Aug 18 Swatch book

We continued to experiment and create fun backgrounds. We will stash these away and use them in their entirely or cut up little snippets to use on future projects.

ARC Aug 18 Abstract Wood 2

ARC Aug 18 Abstract Wood 12x12 LR


Lastly we created an abstract art piece, we loved so much, we decided to frame!

ARC Aug 18 Abstract Wood Paper Pinata LR

Be sure to check out all of the awesome Jacquard Products. Follow them on their various social media for tons of excellent inspiration, videos and tutorials. Thanks for stopping by.