EVO Circles … Thinking outside the box


Thinking outside the box … using EVO Circles!
Check out this beautiful and interesting piece created on our new EVO Synthetic Circles. It resembles the iris of an eye, a very colorful eye!

EVO bright white circles are the perfect canvas for creating works of art in a round format. Circles are 10″ in diameter.

Polypropylene Uncoated
Bright White
16 mil, Heavy Weight

Sold in packs of 10

Here’s how we achieve this look.

  1. Add ink to the center of an EVO Circle. For this piece we used Piñata Señorita Magenta, Piñata Teal, Piñata Sapphire Blue and Piñata Brass alcohol inks.
  2. Starting in the center gently blow the ink in an outward direction using a hair dryer on low heat.
  3. Rotate the canvas and bow ink again until dry.
  4. Add Isopropyl alcohol to the center and gently blow the reactivated ink in an outward direction using a hair dryer on low heat.
  5. Repeat step 5 until entire circle canvas is covered. remember to rotate the canvas.
  6. Add more Isopropyl alcohol to the center along with Piñata Brass alcohol ink. Slowly blow the ink dry from to create a ring in the center. As the ink dries the brass ink will leave a ringed edge.


EVO Synthetic Circles


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