Friend Friday with Chameleon & ARC Crafts

It’s Friend Friday! That means ARC Crafts and our friends over at Chameleon have some wonderful projects to share using our Wood paper with Chameleon Pens. Have you tried these pens? Chameleon Color Tones is an innovative alcohol-based marker system that gives you the ability to change the color tone of your ink with one pen! We created all of the color and tonal depth on this Cherry Wood Flower with one PEN! Today we are excited to share a few simple coloring projects.

ARC Jul 15 Chameleon 3

ARC Jul 15 Chameleon 1

ARC Jul 15 Chameleon 5

Chameleon Pens are so amazing. We had so much fun learning to use these new tools. We must admit, we are not professionals at coloring. We had a tiny bit of a learning curve using theChameleon Color Tone pens but once we got the hang of it we went crazy testing and playing with these cool pens out on various projects. Can you say addicted to coloring? To help you learn how to use these pens Chameleon has a ton of how to videos and tips on their Vimeo and YouTubechannels. Check out their website, as well as daily inspiration on Chameleon’s various social media: TwitterInstagram, FacebookPinterest, Tumbler … give them a follow.


We love that your can completely change the color of our Wood Paper, effectively staining it, with Chameleon Pens. Check out how the grain of our wood paper shows through with the solid color of the RD4 Red Crimson Chameleon Pen. Amazing!

Chameleon Stain

Here are a few more samples of Chameleon Pens on our Cherry Wood paper.

ARC Jul 15 Cham Holtz

ARC Jul 15 Cham Holtz 2

And look how awesome Chameleon Pens work to color Glitter Paper!

ARC Jul 15 Chameleon Glitter 2

ARC Jul 15 Chameleon Glitter

Hop on over and check out more amazing projects Chameleon has created using our Wood paper. We are so inspired by their talented artists.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!

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