Woodland bird nest made from Wood paper

Make your own bird’s nest. This week we are sharing an idea inspired by and borrowed from nature … a Woodland Nest!

We make so many wood paper projects around here and we always keep our scraps … just in case we might need them. Do you need projects for those pieces of scraps laying around? We have just the project. Our Woodsy nest is made from bits and pieces of wood paper, scrap papers and various tidbits of what we had laying around. Scavenge just like a bird would and put the found and discarded materials to good use.  This crafty idea is simple to make and essentially free!

Our nest came together quickly by wrapping and gluing each scrap piece together in the shape of a bowl. We kept adding and shaping scrap pieces of Wood paper until we achieved the look we wanted. Once your nest is complete, uses are endless. We brainstormed a few ideas and uses for handmade bird nests:

  • Table centerpieces.
  • Place holders for name cards.
  • Add a few baby succulents and plant them in a nest, what a fun hostess gift!
  • Make a larger nest and use as a wedding card holder or advice holder.
  • Use nests as decor for bridal showers or part of your home decor. We think nests look fabulous with a shabby chic look.
  • Hang from a door or handle.
  • Create decorative tree ornaments.
  • Add to a floral arrangement.
  • Use as Spring/Easter decorations.
  • Add to a cloche display or on a candlestick under a cloche display.

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